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My tablet is not charging while plugged in. I'v
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Thread: My tablet is not charging while plugged in. I'v

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    dds2009 Guest

    Default My tablet is not charging while plugged in. I'v

    My tablet is not charging while plugged in. I've had it plugged in overnight twice now as well. I'm not getting a full charge; maybe nothing at all. I have an extended battery on it. The unit is about 2 yrs old. Any reason why it is not getting a full charge? What can I do?

    It seems like it doesn't charge past 63%.

    It seems the external battery may be dead??? Red 'x' in the power meter; 0%.

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    JCP777 Guest


    The battery will lose its' max potential over time depending on the number of charge / discharge cycles.
    Me LE1600 battery started the downward spiral and had to be replaced.

    Good luck.

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    dds2009 Guest


    Yep, mine needs to be replaced. I don't like when these sorts of things don't last very long.

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    alltp Guest


    the motion le1600s have had problems with the AC adapter connector failing and if the charging light doesn't come on or only comes on when you jiggle/wiggle the power cord, that is a different problem

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    peteh Guest


    From your description, it sounds like the classic charging issue. It is the ac adapter connector on the tablet, and needs to be sent to Motion for repair. Unless of course you have soldering equipment and small electronic repair experience.

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    dds2009 Guest


    Thanks for the replies. I'll look into the ac adapter issue. The charging light does come on. I did contact motion and the rep had me press the LED button on the extended battery. all 5 lights blinked a few times. She indicated that the battery was dead. She then said I could get a new one for a ridiculous amount of money.

    Is there a thread telling how to check/fix this ac adapter issue? Thanks again.

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    Agentmonkey Guest


    this isnt an AC adapter issue. if the lights on the battery flash, the battery is broken, and you need a new one.
    yeah, i know batteries are expensive- it sucks :)

    so, your name is dds2009. are you a dental student? columbia CDM 2011 represent! :)

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    dds2009 Guest


    Yes, I'm a dental student. I really don't have the money to hassle with this. I wish I could do the trade-in program with alltp, but I don't think I can afford a new tablet right now.

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    Agentmonkey Guest


    you dont need a new tablet. just a new battery

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    ThunderICS Guest


    One other option wich has been mention in this forum before, quite a while ago is http://www.batteryrefill.com/. I have sent in 4 or 5 batteries from differnet models of laptops and have not had a problem yet. Where the Motion battery fits into the tablet very snugly already there is the possibility that using the recelled battery would be difficult. But at around $80 it might be work taking the chance. Be sure to check out the warranty policy and you may want to call to make sure you can get a refund if the battery won't fit back in the tablet after the service. Good luck!

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