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Counterpoint: Why Win8 on Tablet?
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Thread: Counterpoint: Why Win8 on Tablet?

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    Default Counterpoint: Why Win8 on Tablet?


    I recently got a Exopc slate off of Ebay, and it came with dual-booted Win8 (32bit) and Win7 (64bit), so since I got it, I've been alternating between the Win8 and Win7 installations, and I guess that, at this point, I don't really see much point to Win8 (vs. Win7)?

    I saw the other thread in this forum (http://www.tabletpcbuzz.com/showthre...over-Windows-7), and while Win8 does seem to boot a little faster than Windows 7 does, "from scratch", it doesn't seem to offer much of an improvement overall.

    I actually have been rarely booting the tablet (usually just let the tablet sleep), so the boot speed difference probably doesn't mean much to me.

    Also, I've seen comments that the TIP is suppose to be better in Win8, but I haven't noticed that either.

    Plus, it seems like, when I'm in Win8, even when I start in Metro, I mostly end up back at the Win8 desktop for doing stuff (I use the tablet a lot for viewing Flash videos, which aren't supported in the Metro IE).

    It's interesting learning about the various gestures in Metro, but other than that, I'm having a hard time "getting" why I'd want to move to Win8, whenever it does get released.

    So, maybe I'm missing something?


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    W8 boots a lot faster (as in 2 to three times) on my machines then W7, also resume from hibernation seems to have been improved again (just a bit, but closer to XP again).
    As I do not use my home tablet during the day, I shut it down at the end of the evening and then like the fast reboot when I am back home.

    W8 will run your 'normal' programs as 'normal' programs, e.g. probably no speed improvement there.
    The TIP is improved in that it now is not really floating anymore (by default), but W7's version was already better then the stupidly small Vista version.
    Yes, sites using flash will require you to go to the desktop version, but I have for example seen IMDb change its preview videos to HTML5 compatible, so there you can stay in the metro IE.

    On a tablet I like the gestures and overall touch metro interface.
    On a labtop without touch screen not so much, they should implement the gestures on the mouse pad!
    On a desktop with a mouse (and no touchscreen) it looks usable again, but I still would prefer the 'start' button back, the gestures are mostly done by normal mouse actions.

    Overall: on a tablet (like the Acer W500 I am testing this on) W8 to me is a big improvement over W7.

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    I've been using Win8 on 4 desktops and one Tablets. My Tablet is an HP Elite 2740. I have dual boot on all my machines but found that I never go back to Win7 on any machine. 8 is simply better in virtually all respects. I use Star8 from Stardock to boot directly into my original Desktop on my work and home Desktops.
    Chris M. Wilkerson, D.C.

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