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Problems with consumer Preview
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Thread: Problems with consumer Preview

  1. Default Problems with consumer Preview

    Touch doesn't work after boot - I can usually unlock the lock screen by using my finger to wipe up on the lock screen but I have to use the on screen keyboard and Pen to enter my password. After entering my password, I use the pen to bring up charms, Click\ settings, click the power icon and select sleep. When I bring the tablet out of sleep, Single touch works as well as the pen.

    Multi touch doesn't work -Rumor has it that N Trig will have a new driver in a few weeks. I hope this fixes the no touch after boot problem as well.

    The accelerometer doesn't work. this seems to be a driver problem.

    The metro email app doesn't handle IMAP/Pop mail accounts - I use the desktop program Live Mail.

    In desktop mode the TIP doesn't pop up automatically, you have to click the icon on the taskbar.

  2. Default

    N trig has a windows 8 driver available on their support driver download page that fixes multi touch on my cl900 and samsung has a STC driver that fixes autorotate.

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