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New Virtual Keyboard for Windows
Used Tablet PC
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Thread: New Virtual Keyboard for Windows

  1. Exclamation New Virtual Keyboard for Windows

    Released new version of Hot Virtual Keyboard.

    Name:  skinroundall.png
Views: 1352
Size:  86.8 KB

    Changes in version 5.3:
    • Added a toolbar for launching the on-screen keyboard.
    • Added a new parameter "Show the program toolbar in the taskbar".
    • Added new keyboard types: SkinWin7, SkinMulticolor, SkinWhite, SkinRound1, SkinRound2, SkinRound3, TwoSides.
    • Changed keyboard types: OneSide, OneSide2.
    • Added new options for assigning images to each key of the on-screen keyboard: separate images for different key states, a separate font color for each key state, "Draw a border around a key", "Resize with a key", "Fit by width and height".
    • Added a new parameter for the on-screen keyboard: "When I enter a password don't show which keys are tapped".
    • Enhanced the large icons on the multimedia keys of the on-screen keyboard.
    • Words entered by users are now recorded in UTF-8.
    • Added a new command line parameter /RESTORE.
    • Added large flag images (32x32) for the language bar and the on-screen keyboard.
    • Added the display of the flag and a "Show label" setting for the custom view of the language bar. The size of the flag depends on the size of the language bar (16x16 or 32x32).
    • Added an ability to launch several instances of the program using the /M command line parameter.
    • Added an ability to launch Microsoft's on-screen keyboard in the keyboard editing, hotkey configuration and icon management windows.
    • When working with the word autocomplete function enabled, "-" and "&" characters do not trigger automatic word completion.
    • Added the display of the keyboard layout when dead keys are pressed (for German, French and other languages).
    • The Office2003 theme has been replaced with the Aqua theme.
      Added a new parameter in the "Keys" section: "Labels on system keys depend on the currently selected input language".
    • Added a new parameter in the "Keys" section: "Show the state of Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock keys".
    • Added an ability to configure the list of keyboards in the "Activate the next keyboard type" action settings.
    • Added an ability to assign a separate sound to each action.
    • Added an ability to remove the word directly from the autocompletion list by highlighting the unnecessary word and then pressing Delete key.
    • Added a new parameter for the word autocomplete function: "Do not show words with 1 character remaining".
    • Added a new parameter for the word autocomplete function: "Show as a set of buttons next to the on-screen keyboard".
    • Added new interface languages: Byelorussian, Croatian.
    Web-site: http://hot-virtual-keyboard.com/

  2. Default

    Interesting, I'm used to windows eyes on screen keyboard, but these software makes some pretty nice looking keyboards, and it's not super expensive either.

  3. Post

    New version 7.0 has been released:
    + Added new keyboard types: KioskSkin, Mini2, SkinRound4, TouchGame3.
    + Added new on-screen keyboard settings:
    + Move the keyboard to a screen border.
    + Animate the launch of the on-screen keyboard - slide up or down.
    + Type characters when keys are released.
    + Show a tip over a pressed character key.
    + Show key characters in the UPPER CASE.
    + Added new "Typing aid" parameters for the on-screen keyboard:
    + Repeat delay (msec).
    + Repeat rate (characters per second).
    + Double taping the space bar will insert a period followed by a space.
    + Added an ability to control the on-screen keyboard from HTML in FireFox, Chrome and Opera.
    + Added a new function: "Install FireFox (Chrome, Opera) Extension".
    + Added an ability to set borders for the picture on the key.
    + Added an ability to change key descriptions in the keyboard editing mode.
    * Added a new setting for 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and Vista: "Show an on-screen keyboard before logon".
    * When using an on-screen keyboard with a touch screen, the arrow keys work as a D-pad.
    + Added Undo and Redo buttons to the on-screen keyboard editing form.
    + Added new actions "Change the default playback device", "Change the default recording device".
    + Added an ability to specify folder for action "Run program".
    * Improved compatibility with Internet Explorer 9 and WPF applications.
    - Fixed toolbar flickering on the taskbar.
    - Fixed bugs that occurred if no explorer.exe process was found.
    - Fixed a bug in the autocomplete feature some languages.
    + Lots of other fixes and improvements.

    Name:  kioskskin.jpg
Views: 740
Size:  17.9 KB

    Download: http://hot-virtual-keyboard.com/download/

  4. Default

    Looks really nice!

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