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tc1100 SSD upgrade
Used Tablet PC
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Thread: tc1100 SSD upgrade

  1. Default tc1100 SSD upgrade

    Hey all,

    New to the forum and thought people might be interested in my current setup; haven't seen much on SSDs.

    tc1100 1.0Ghz
    1.5GB RAM
    Win 7
    RunCore 64GB Pro IV 2.5" PATA IDE Solid SSD from mydigitaldiscount.com
    The combo of Win 7 and the SSD make for a surprisingly snappy system; although once I upgrade my 1.2Ghz tc1100 to 2GB Ram I may switch the SSD to that system.

    To get the benefit of the SSD you need to do some extra work though.

    Installing Win 7 wasn't too much of a hassle, but it did take a few attempts. The tc1100 is capable of Ultra DMA 5, but will only assign Ultra DMA 2 to the device. By installing a windows version of hdparm and a startup script you can force the system to use Ultra DMA 5 with the SSD.

    So far I'm getting close to the advertised speeds, except that my max write speed is half. I'm more interested in the access times and the random 4K read/write rate though, which are fairly spot on.

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    I've got a Transcend 32GB SSD in mine, and yes, the performance is great. Then again, the primary motivation behind my SSD purchase was that the original drive was dying (throwing lots of bad sector errors). I haven't really tweaked anything, just installed Win7 Home Premium and let it do whatever it wanted to the drive. I have a 1.1 with 2GB RAM. My drive scores a 5.9 in WEI. The whole system is faster than the netbooks I've had, and with a fresh battery, I can get close to 4 hours of run time. Considering the limit on drive sizes that can be put in these things anyway, I think an SSD is a great choice.

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    Yeah. The 30GB drive in this one was on its way out too and the tablet will eventually be my daughter's. So a SSD seemed like a good idea; add a few more years to the system and take abuse a little better.

    I was almost at my wits end until I found that someone ported hdparm. I'm glad to hear it's not the same for all SSDs.

    The Runcores suck a little more juice than I wish but I do get some added benefit using them; garbage collection mainly.

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    Default Intel X18-M SSDSA1M160G2LE, 160G: runs silently, fast

    system: TC1100 1.2GHz, 2G RAM

    boot time (XP Tablet PC Edition): 58 seconds (versus 92 seconds c 5200rpm HDD)

    Intel X18-M SSDSA1M160G2LE, 160G, microSATA SSD
    o $150 eBAY (used)
    o sustained sequential read: up to 250 MB/s
    " " write: up to 100 MB/s

    microSATA to IDE adapter $18 delivered
    MicroSATACables.com, item #IDE44-1.8MSATA

    2.5" caddy for uSATA-to-IDE adapter $24 delivered

    TRIM support on XP courtesy of Intel SSD Toolbox

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