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Do You Own a Dell XT2 ? - Page 2
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Thread: Do You Own a Dell XT2 ?

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    <<...I just got my DELL XT2...so far, loving it...>>

    Wej: Glad to hear it. I've always been pretty pleased with my XT2 and it's really a shame that Dell got off to such a rocky start with the XT. The XT2 sort of got slimed because the XT had such problems with the early software when actually it was quite a bit better. Since the introduction, N-trig has continued to improve their digitizer software so that today almost all of the early problems have been reasonably resolved. The current digitizer software, Version 3.118, provide excellent touch performance, but the pen is somewhat less solid than it originally was... (Apparently, all of life is a trade!)

    Given the build quality, the XT2 really deserves more respect than it has gotten historically...

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