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I broke my stylus
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Thread: I broke my stylus

  1. Default I broke my stylus

    I just got my tablet a little while ago and unfortunately I broke off the tip.

    The little white bit you use for drawing. I have no idea where it went, but it's gone now. :(

    Is there any possible way to fix this without having to buy a new pen altogether? If not, then can someone tell me what kinds of places even sell tablet pens? I live in a fairly small town, and all we have is a walmart so I dunno.

    Would it be more effective just to buy a new pen for like $30 online or what?

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    <<...I just got my tablet a little while ago...>>

    ...By any chance, did you buy the tablet new? It sounds like the nib (the white plastic tip) has simply fallen out of the pen. If you got the accessories that normally accompany any tablet, you should have a pack of 5 replacement nibs somewhere. Simply take one and re-insert it into the pen. Press it gently but firmly to "seat" it. Then you should be good to go again.

    If you didn't get a pack of replacement nibs, you can get them from Wacom or HP for a very nominal price. Search for "replacement nib"

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    this nibs are very important to take care of... I bought another stylus and it cam with nibs and I made sure to store them in a special place so I won't lose them... Now I can't remeber where I put them :)
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    I put mine in the laptop bag so I know where they are. They are easy to lose..
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    hey thanks that's actually pretty helpful

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