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Michelle Mastin

Vision Objects - MyScript Notes Mobile

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Vision objects is a French company with an intriguing set of handwriting recognition softwares. They have a whole software layer, and SDK kit and all for integrating the engine into apps and other such things that are over my head.

The really neat thing they've done is put it together into an app called Notes Mobile. Suddenly the mass of Android tablets just became useful for notetakers. You can leave your handwriting as handwriting, convert it to text later, or convert it to text on the fly. Notes can be shared by email, facebook, or twitter (think emailing it to your evernote account!), or export to Quickoffice. You can also search both converted and handwritten text. It also manages notes in collections of notebooks. This opens up the world of super thin, light, and crazy long battery life Android tablets to the mobile note taker.

I managed to be so enthralled by the demonstration, I seem to have forgotten to take pictures or video. Luckily they have a good demo video, and I can say the app really does work like it does in the video.

Additionally, they have a lot of really neat classroom tools that work with interactive whiteboards.

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