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Tablet PC Input Panel
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Thread: Tablet PC Input Panel

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  1. Question Tablet PC Input Panel

    Using Windows 7 Pro, is is possible to get the Tablet PC Input Panel to show by default on the secure login screen and also stay open after logging in?

    Currently, the logon screen has an "Ease of Access" button in the bottom left corner, which I have to open each time to tick "Type without the keyboard 'On-screen keyboard'". Once logged in I have to close the On-screen keyboard and open the Tablet PC Input Panel.

    Thanks, Anders.

  2. Default

    I haven't ried this but you may want to create a shortcut to the tablet pc input panel in you Start > All Programs > startup folder, and then Start > Search msconfig and disable windows keyboard from the startup list.

    This should give you what you want when you boot up windows, but I'm not sure how you'd get it automatically on the windows login screen.

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