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Bootblock BIOS Update Methodology - Page 8
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Thread: Bootblock BIOS Update Methodology

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    Thanks for your help guys,

    I bought a c300 and installed a new hdd & os, I downloaded all drivers from acer and was installing them audio, bios... crap!

    this thread helped resurect my c300 with ease, I created a crisP588 floppy creator with corrected files

    for those that require it grab it from http://hd-wmv.com/bAN01TgAZ/C300.BOOTBLOCK.FLOPPY.rar just plug in a floppy, extract and use 'RUNME.BAT' to do all the work, you will be left with a floppy thats been formatted, bios file, phlash16, minidos.sys on the floppy ready to recover.

    I hope this helps you as much as this thread helped me.

    I created the rar as i found it moderately difficult to find crisp588 due to the age of the files.

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