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Looking through the MS tablet utility it mention
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Thread: Looking through the MS tablet utility it mention

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    RNC Guest

    Default Looking through the MS tablet utility it mention

    Looking through the MS tablet utility it mentions an option for using the top of the pen as an eraser, "if available". I'm assuming that SOMEBODY must have that option for it to be included in the MS configurator. And I figure that the digitizer is straight from the good folks at Wacom. So logically there must be some generic pen out there that would work with the eraser function on the X41T.

    Does anyone know this to be true? And if so, where can you get the pen?

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    bshadfan Guest


    I got my capless Cross pen today. It has an eraser. I got it from amazon.

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    praveen Guest


    how do you find it bshadfan?

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    bshadfan Guest


    heres a link: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg...onics&n=507846

    i like it, great weight.. writes well.. nice looking.. eraser works well

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    fredtwd Guest


    Also check out this related thread:


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    motion1 Guest


    MS put in the eraser function but left it to the manufactors to determine if they...the manufactors...was going to include in the pen manufacture..obviously some did not...such as X41T. there are several tablet pens with eraser function and also there is Wacom...but make sure you get the right one!!...two of wacom lower end pen/pads do not work with tablet pcs

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    rbushway Guest


    I thought the button on the side of the pen activated the eraser function on the x41t pen?

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    Ic3Floe Guest


    It does, but I think that the poster was looking for a pen that actually has an eraser built on the back of the pen, like the cross or motion pens.

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    rbushway Guest


    ahh...makes sense now.

    I agree..the eraser onthe back of the pen is really nice. I'm surprised that Lenovo didn't equip their pen with that feature.

    The Cross pen is super nice. I'd highly recommend it.

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    mrastudent Guest


    I wish these 3rd party pens weren't so expensive. There's literally like $1 in parts there, but they cost $50 or more.

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