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Hi all, I have some newbie questions that I wasn
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Thread: Hi all, I have some newbie questions that I wasn

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    sirbry Guest

    Default Hi all, I have some newbie questions that I wasn

    Hi all, I have some newbie questions that I wasn't able to find answers to through a search:

    1) how long does one expect pen nibs to last...when they get older, do they loose responsiveness? -how do you know when they are dying?

    2) Does anyone have instructions on how to replace a nib? I have this metal ring thing in my hand and I'm afraid of doing damage if I don't do this right.

    3)Finally, a side, non-pen question. When gaming in tablet mode the 4 side 'hover' buttons (the 1024mode, the scroll lock, etc) are a pain in the butt when playing a game that you need to 'scroll' by moving to the edge of the screen. Is there any way to disable these?

    Thanks for your patience, and thanks for providing such a wealth of information in this forum.

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    sirbry Guest


    OK, found some info on pen maintenance from wacom. But how long will nibs last (in hours of use, per se)


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    WNewquay Guest



    1) Pen nibs... somewhere on Wacom's site there is a recommendation to replace the nibs every 90 days. There is no indication of how many hours of usage per day they are assuming. I'd say that if it doesn't feel smooth as you use the pen, then clean the screen. If you still feel any sensation of roughness, replace the nib. Ideally though, you want to avoid getting to the point where your feel any unnecessary roughness in the experience.

    2) The metal ring can be used like a pair of pliers. The opening in the ring goes over the pen nib, squeeze the ring to clamp onto the nib, pull gently. The nib will come out of the pen.

    3) You can change the functionality of the pen buttons
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    sirbry Guest


    Excellent, thank you WN! I feel like bit of a dork for not finding this, but oh well. I especially like the 'by display status', as I generally game in secondary landscape - it was the 'hover' effect that caused all the grief...so I can trun these off while keeping them around as handy for other display status applications.

    Thanks again!

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    WNewquay Guest


    Here are some interesting things you can do for selecting with the pen

    In case you haven't seen these - check 'em out
    Toshiba M200/M205 Frequently Asked Questions

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