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  • Samsung Announces Series 7 Slate Tablet PC with WACOM!

    Not only does Samsung's new Series 7 slate pack a Wacom digitizer, it's also full of some pretty strong guts. The 11.6" screen packs 1366x768 pixels and can blast them out at 400-nits of brightness. It's not an IPS panel, but Samsung's own equivalent SuperBright LED backlight display which seems to provide similarly strong viewing angles according to the many hands-ons around the web.

    The 2lb slate isalso stuffed full of an Intel Core i5-2467M low voltage processor, giving it much more kick than an Atom based net-slate. It will also have 4GB of RAM and options for either 64GB or 128GB of SSD storage. Connectivity includes the standards - Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, in addition to a SIM slot for the optional 3G and GPS. Front and rear cameras are also standard. You'll only get 1 USB port, along with MicroHDMI. The optional docking station with full size HDMI, Ethernet, and another USB port.

    With this more efficient version of the i5 processor, Samsung is promising nearly 7 hours of use. This will be one of the more interesting specs to watch for in reviews as battery life never seems to live up to advertised numbers. Still, more than 5 hours would be impressive for this amount of power in this size.

    Then the best part -WACOM! While n-trig's solution is good enough for many, Wacom is still better. For artists, there's no question of messing with n-trig. The capacitive screen will also track 10 fingers worth of multi-touch.

    You should be able to order one starting October 2nd.

    Check out these first impressions from around the web:
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    1. docg's Avatar
      docg -
      Wow! Maybe the one! It looks like a great slim down and bulk up of the tc1100. The dock looks like you could pop it in a bag too and just bug out for vacation or take your show on the road easily. The additional sim card slot a bonus. Can't wait to see someone doing some art or inking of notes not just demos.
    1. moore's Avatar
      moore -
      This looks very interesting, except for the ridiculously reflective screen. These are bad enough when they are in desktop or all in one monitors, but on a slate where you might want to pass it around a table that has fluorescent lights over it, it will be painful. Does anyone know of anti-reflective overlay films that might work without messing up the touch or pen digitizer on these?
    1. Steve S's Avatar
      Steve S -
      I remain to be convinced about the battery life. In my experience, 400 nits + i5 does not equal 6 or 7 hours of operating life in a 2 pound package unless everything is throttled way back a la which point you won't be experiencing the kind of performance that you bought it for. Another subtlety to watch out for is the WiFi performance; it needs to be good enough to support the i5's processing power, and that also means increased power consumption. I hope that Samsung has done their systems engineering on this slate. However, if it can manage 3-4 hours with reasonable performance, I'll be happy...
    1. Steve S's Avatar
      Steve S -
      Another blog entry on the T700. Note that the battery life is claimed to be ~ 5 hours; that sounds more reasonable...!
    1. Kenrick Mock's Avatar
      Kenrick Mock -
      Is there an easy way to hook something like this up to a projector that only has VGA?
    1. docg's Avatar
      docg -
      Quote Originally Posted by Kenrick Mock View Post
      Is there an easy way to hook something like this up to a projector that only has VGA?
      HDTV HDMI to VGA HD15 adapter or other adapters
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