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Thread: opinions wanted on new tablet - tc4200 getting slow

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    paulo_andre Guest

    Default opinions wanted on new tablet - tc4200 getting slow

    I currently own a TC4200 and I'm happy with it, but it starts to feel a little slow... I wanted opinions about a new tablet.
    What I want:
    Active digitizer
    LONG battery life
    Low weight
    At least 12' screen (1024x768 is fine, more could be better)
    normal processor (I mean not a low voltage or ultra low voltage) and fast
    support for 2GB memory
    disk not very important (none has a 7200rpm disk, so that's always an extra to add)
    integrated dvd drive (that's what really lacks in my tc4200)

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    alltp Guest


    Well, like all things in life, you are going to have to compromise. You can have everything but the integrated DVD if you choose the Lenovo X61 (including the 7200rpm hard drive option). If you can sacrifice the low weight requirement, the Fujitsu T4220 is a great choice. You get all the things you ask for, plus if you want to removed the modular DVD and replace it with a 2nd battery you can have the best of both worlds. You third choice is the Toshiba M400 but low weight doesn't apply to that machine.

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    paulo_andre Guest


    I don't know what you call low weight, but from what I read, the Fujitsu T4220 is only 4.3lb, and I think that's about the same as my tc4200 (I'll check to be sure), so it's perfect for me. The Toshiba M400 also seems good and it seems to have a little more speed and battery, they are both good choices for me. The integrated dvd is not an option, so the Lenovo X61 is out of the question. Thanks for the help, I'll read a few more reviews and make my choice.

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