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can't resize Tablet Input Panel
Used Tablet PC
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Thread: can't resize Tablet Input Panel

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    Axolotl Guest

    Default can't resize Tablet Input Panel

    Hi everyone,

    I have been happy with my Toshiba Tecra M4 until recently suddenly something like this happened:

    Image Insert:


    I have a giant Tablet PC Input Panel which overlays on top of the QuickLaunch icons and task bar. I tried resizing things but still can't get rid of it.

    Can anyone shed some light on how to fix this? Or to remove this particular icon?



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    t lewis Guest


    Do you know that you can stretch and move your XP toolbar by clicking and dragging on one of the group of little bumpy dots along the bar? That is, one of those small columns of 7 dots (looking like golf ball dimples) which , in your image, appear in 3 places on the silver bar - to the far left, in the middle and to the far right next to the tray. Each section contained by the dots can be moved into another spot on the bar.

    It may be that you just grabbed, moved or stretched one of the bar sections unknowingly.

    By right-clicking on the bar you may further customize it...Or even lock it so it doesn't move.


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    Axolotl Guest


    Hi, thanks for the reply.

    I certainly know I can resize the bar. When the mouse hovers over any part of the task bar, the Tablet PC Input Panel just comes to the foreground as a button, hence the "dimples" disappear.

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    flecrone Guest


    Try this:

    To disable the TIP click Start >Run… and enter the text below exactly as it appears.

    regsvr32 /u "c:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\ink\tipband.dll"

    The next time you restart the TIP icon will be gone. If that is too scary the command to put it back is almost the same:

    regsvr32 "c:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\ink\tipband.dll"

    (Quoted from: http://www.pringle.net.nz/blog/Perma...9fe198b4b.aspx)

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    DaveTN Guest


    You can size it to the particular size that you want then right click on the taskbar and choose lock the taskbar.
    It looks like there is an empty tool bar to the left of the tip bar. Right click on the task bar and unselect any tool bars that you are not using, then right click and lock the taskbar again.


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    DaveTN Guest


    OK, I duplicated your problem on my tablet and fixed it.

    1. unlock the taskbar.
    2. unselect all your tool bars
    3. right click on the dimpled slider bar for the tip (to the left of the tip) and drag it across the taskbar towards the start button. Dont deviate from the taskbar or you will lose focus of it.
    4. Once it is in place release it there.
    5. right click on the taskbar and add back your toolbars that you want.
    6. Right click onthe taskbar and choose lock the taskbar.

    Hope this helps.


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    digitaldoc Guest


    I've done that many times on TPC and desktop. I always lock my taskbar because of it! :-)

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