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Thread: Motion LE 1700 w/ Vista COA: should I install XP or Windows 7?

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    Default Motion LE 1700 w/ Vista COA: should I install XP or Windows 7?

    Bought a used LE 1700 w/ View Anywhere screen. Should I invest in Win7 or just install XP which I already have restore disks and COA? Will the core duo processor & everything else work right with Win7?

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    Definitely Windows 7. It is a much better OS, handwriting recognition is awesome. Your LE1700 will definitely support it.

    Good luck!
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    Tried to load XP from M 1400 restore disk, but there was something missing, wouldn't completely install (SP 1 missing?). Bought win8 & tried to install, but xp wasn't complete, so that wouldn't install either. Downloaded SP 1 and SP3; tried to burn to CD, but had problems with missing data, so it would not work. Going to try to get Vista from Motion...would rather try for upgrade to win7 from Motion, then maybe put the Win8 on later.
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