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TC1100 Windows 8 Pro, INSTALLS
Used Tablet PC
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Thread: TC1100 Windows 8 Pro, INSTALLS

  1. Thumbs up TC1100 Windows 8 Pro, INSTALLS

    I Have Installed Win 8 pro (dl from msdnaa via my school) 32 bit off a flash drive.

    My TC1100 specs,
    64gb ssd
    2gb ram
    1.2 ghz version
    modded bios with tp-link wireless n card.

    Steps taken,
    1. download the ISO
    2. use the windows usb creator to put the iso on the usb
    3. insert and boot from the usb
    4. Wait (it may take a really long time to get to the installation screen)
    5. Step through the install. I did not need to modify anything from the defaults.
    • note: I am doing a clean install, not an upgrade from the Windows 8 CP (current os)

    6. when the OS automatically reboots, remove the usb
    7. boot to your new OS! (your first boot will take a while, be patient)
    • note: the OS may reboot once during this first boot.

    8. IT WORKS!

    I will post more customizations and whether drivers and devices work as I (try to) install them
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    Considering this on my 1100 with similar specs.

    Does the pen and Q menu work? How about rotation, sound, video, wireless, USB, etc? Any show stoppers so far?


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    Quote Originally Posted by mdavej View Post
    Considering this on my 1100 with similar specs.

    Does the pen and Q menu work? How about rotation, sound, video, wireless, USB, etc? Any show stoppers so far?

    Pen, Sound, (mycard) Wireless, USB, Side stylus buttons (with rotation, journal, etc...) ,side hardware buttons, bluetooth, All work. The only thing that I can't really test is the IRdA port. The Q menu actually pops up but with an error box that you just click out of. This is further than I got the Q menu to work on the windows 8 CP and I never got it to work on windows 7 (but it was supposed to)

    The graphics card is detected and drivers will install, but when you go to change them in the device manager, It errors saying "not compatible with this version of windows". Nvidia would have to release an older compatible driver which I don't believe will happen. Or someone would have to hack an older driver to fake compatibility. However Microsoft's generic driver works fine.

    I have also noticed that sporadically, the Wacom digitizer would just stop responding for no reason after about an hour of usage. This problem happened with the Win8CP and in Windows 7. Restarting fixes the problem.

    I do also recommend setting up flick shortcuts in the "Pen and Touch" in the control panel such that they are similar to the swipe directions here. http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/183c...g/original.jpg (Because trying to "Hover over anywear" with a pen is almost impossible)

    Overall Windows 8 seems much faster than windows 7, and I do recommend installing it.

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    Thanks for the detailed info. My install crashed and burned. I tried the retail Win 8 Pro $15 upgrade which I heard is a little different than the full version you might have. The first reboot during the install my computer would no longer boot at all. Some error having to do with 4GB extended memory access in the BIOS being incompatible. I have only 1.5GB and no way in the BIOS to set the mandatory PAE/NX bit. So I'm recommending avoiding it unless you have a backup you can recover from. Since my tablet is completely trashed, I'll try Win 7 (was running XP).

    EDIT: I think I discovered why your install worked and mine didn't. Apparently only the 1.2GHz processor is compatible with Win 8, not my 1.0 GHz processor. So anyone considering upgrading, heed the warning. HERE are more details.
    Last edited by mdavej; 11-14-2012 at 11:10 AM.

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    One more question. You say Microsoft's generic video driver works fine. But in Win 7 the generic driver won't rotate. Does the Win 8 version rotate?

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    Any noticeable improvements?

    Also, what is the difference between $15 upgrade version and full version? I just purchased one $39 version then read about the $15 option for my newer systems so I grabbed two of those. I do have the 1.2Ghz model but am really hesitant to grab one for my tablet.

    I tried installing W8 CP on much more powerful (but still really old) hardware (Athlon XP, Radeon 9800 128MB etc) and performance was abysmal. I can only think it would be worse on the TC1100. Then again, a lot has improved since the TC.

    Finally... where did you get an SSD for your TC1100? I didn't realize that'd be an option? IDE SSD? ac

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    Since yougotborked has apparently left the building, I'll answer what I can.

    The full version reportedly skips the PAE bit check, allowing for a successful install. The upgrade checks the bit, and chokes on the first reboot of my particular CPU.

    IDE SSD's do exist, but are expensive and just as slow as a hard drive, so there's really no point in using them in the TC1100 except to save a little power.

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