I have an LE1600 that has the CPU usage spiking to 100% all the time. This happens when running any program, regardless of how much system resources it needs. I can't even run IE or Firefox without this happening even with a single tab open. Now I am PC technician, and while I like to think I know a lot there are others who are more familiar with these tablets than I am. I play a basic game called Rollercoaster Tycoon. Not 2 or 3, the first game. This runs slow frequently when the tablet should easily be able to handle it. Same thing when I run Baldur's Gate II. I have run CCleaner, and cleaned things out some but I hate randomly trying something until I hit it. If I have some info that points me in a direction that would be more than welcome. Another option that I am loathe to try is getting a new SSD for it. I am tight on funds currently and that is just not in the budget.

I have uninstalled most programs that were on it when I received it. I have debated taking off SP3 but I have a hobby program that I use every day and it requires that. So frustrating.

Anyone have an idea that might help?


P.S: I have attached my dxdiag so that others may see what the exact specs are.