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Windows 8 Consumer Preview - want correct Nvidia Driver
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Thread: Windows 8 Consumer Preview - want correct Nvidia Driver

  1. Question Windows 8 Consumer Preview - want correct Nvidia Driver

    Hey everybody,

    I was wondering if anyone has had any success installing a correct nvidia driver in the windows 8 consumer preview. Either the 82.12 driver or the stock HP driver from this page -
    HP/TC1100/Windows 7 Installation Notes - Mobile PC Wiki

    oth Actually Install fine, but when you try to switch to either of them in the device manager, an error says "This driver is not compatible with this version of windows." Does anyone know anything about modifying INFs to fake compatibility?


    If you need help getting to the consumer preview, I think I have the system down pretty well.
    1. start with following all the instructions on that link above.
    2. Then make sure to do an "On-Machine" upgrade. (download the upgrade exe from Microsoft's website)
    3. run windows update, skipping only the audio and wacom drivers.

    Also, I would not attempt this unless you have the 1.2 ghz TC1100 and 2gb of ram. I also own a 1ghz TC1100 with 1.5gb of ram and I was never able to get past windows 7. It was BSODing like clockwork.

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    No, I'm also running the Windows 8 CP but have had no lock installing the Nvidea driver. I'm using the default Microsoft driver, which seems to work nicely. Only problem is that I can't change the brightness, which has a rather big impact on the battery life of the TC1100.

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