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What should I buy?
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Thread: What should I buy?

  1. Default What should I buy?

    I have a motion m1200, and m1400 both are broke and I have less then 200 dollars in both of them. the m1200 has s digitizer issue. I have to literally hit it with my forehead and that will usually makes the missing sections work. The m1400 also has a digitizer issue: Every now and again it just go nuts and starts clicking the bottom right corner of the screen.

    The m1400 I upgraded with a WD HD, RAM and running win7, that is now giving a smart error. Have to keep a keyboard plugged into the tablet to hit f1 everytime I turn it on.

    So I'm wanting a different tablet. I use the tablets in lots of ways, the m1200 is my Power Point machine at school, works good. The m1400 is my travel computer and I'm an artist I use sketchbook pro and Photoshop on it. I also use it as a comic reader and pdf reader.

    I don't want to spend much money. Maybe 200 bucks. I can get the WD HD RMA'd I think, and just keep using the m1400, but I'm thinking about buying a LE1600, they seem pretty cheap on ebay. Will I run into any problems. It looks like its easiy to get m series batteries but not LE batteries?

    It doesn't have to be a motion any other ideas?

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    My drive was in warranty and I just did a advanced replacement RMA for it.

    The Motion M1400 wild cursor problem is apparently well documented on this site, EM interfearance I guess.

    I just saw the LE1600 only takes 1.8 drives, hmm, kind of a strike against it. The fan would be nice though, this m1400 gets to hot to hold sometimes.

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    Wow not many opinions here?

    Let me ask a more specific question. Will I see any noticable difference between my M1400 and a LE1600?

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    I think there is a significant difference in the performance of the LE1600 because of the better processor. Also, with a SSD you can get increased performance. The 1.5Gb RAM memory is annoying but it has a fan, USB ports that are turned in the right orientation and also a great screen. It is a little more comfortable to hold, in my opinion, than the M1400 and is built better. Good luck!
    John Hill
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    Thanks John,

    I decided to go all out and get a LE1700 when I found one for about a hundred more then a LE1600

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    Good choice on the LE1700. I found one on Ebay with a Dock for 235. Windows 7 seems to work well with the LE1600 and should work alot better with a Dual Core LE1700. Upgrade the RAM to 4 Gigs and the Hard Drive to SSD and you will get some solid performance from it. Certainly fast enough to run Photoshop and some drawing programs. I almost won a J3500 i5 but the LE1700 made more sense in the end.

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    Paid 355 for a refurbished LE1700, it could easily pass for a new system, can't find a scratch on it. Came with new convertible keyboard adn view anywhere screen. Only problem is battery is good for about 30 minutes of life. Performance is exceptional.

    Trying to decide if I want to go with Win7 or keep the Xp install which is working very well.

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    355 is still a Great price for a Clean LE1700 with keyboard and View Anywhere screen. Duo 1.5gz correct? Used batteries are always a problem.
    I did the LE1600 to Windows 7 upgrade and did get big performance increases but multitasking can still get dicey. My LE1700 is on it's way and I hope it's in as good shape as yours. Rather than swap drives and be done I'm going to attempt a multi-boot system with Windows 7 64-bit at it's core. Balance is the key to all great systems so I'm looking for the proper components for this project. An upgrade from XP to Windows 7 is a no-brainier for me. Max the Ram, Get the biggest SSD you can afford and all the software drivers are on the Motion Computing website. Windows 7 with that Dual Core should give you a beastie little tablet.
    (Upgrade your Bios if you haven't done that already)

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