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CL900 Only $599 on Microsoft Store - Should I buy?
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Thread: CL900 Only $599 on Microsoft Store - Should I buy?

  1. Default CL900 Only $599 on Microsoft Store - Should I buy?

    I saw ViolaJack gave a preview of the CL900 a while back, but I never seen or heard the mods impressions of it recently.

    It was out of the question to buy until the above mentioned price drop.

    Currently I use an iPad and a LE1600 for work and play.
    I love the iPad size and battery life, but not too fond of the lack of an active digitizer.
    I love the LE1600 for the Wacom digitizer which I use for Sketchbook, Manga Studio, and Flipbook.
    (I found out that the screen is 1366 * 768 = OK for Windows 8)
    At work I use One Note to capture student debate notes, grades, and for digital whiteboard when connected to the projector.

    My question is, do you think the CL900 would fit the bill to be a replacement for both of my tablets?
    I'd love to have one device to rule them all.
    Also, is the N-Trig digitizer really noisy so I couldn't take notes during Sunday services?

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    After 124 views and no replies, I guess I got my answer. Thanks!

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    The CL-900 uses the Atom 6 series CPU and has 1366x768 resolution needed for Windows 8 and an n-trig digitizer. I used an HP Slate 500 for a year and as long as I didn't try to do to much it worked fine. The MS Store had the Fujitsu Q550 for a hundred less last month. N-trig just released Windows 8 drivers so I think if you load the Consumer Preview I think you'll have a good experience.
    Jeffrey W. Roach

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    Dear Jeff,
    Thanks for sharing your experience with me. It seems that the CL900 isn't that popular due to it's high price. I'll make my decision later this week.

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    Sorry, I'm not able to come on as much anymore, so this is a few days late.

    I never was able to get my hands on a CL900 beyond the preview from CES last year, but I do have a Fujitsu Q550, which is similar hardware with just a slightly different screen (1280x800).

    On weight: I do remember the CL900 feeling heavy, or dense, for its size. My Q550 does not feel appreciably heavier than my 3rd gen iPad, but it's lighter than the CL900.

    On performance: I use OneNote on the Q550 all the time. It can multitask some, but I try not to have more than about 4 things open at a time. I do not do any drawing, so I have no idea how those other apps would do, other than I keep hearing that n-trig is just not as sensitive as Wacom when it comes to pressure sensitivity in drawing programs.

    On noise: I use an Evo View (sprint's version of the HTC Flyer, which is also n-trig based) for Sunday service notes. As long as I'm gentle with my writing, the noise is not a problem. It can get loud if you lift the pen really high and smash it down again when you write, but if you're gentle about your approach, you can keep the noise minimal.
    Formerly known as violajack.
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    thank you for your reply, Ms. Matsin. Unfortunately, it is he longeron sale, and in my angry bought a Series 7 Slate on Ebay. It is a bit bigger than the CL 900, but more powerful and with Wacom, all for the same price of the CL 900! I hope to get it in the next two weeks.

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