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Would this Slate PC suffice for Photoshop anime/manga art?
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Thread: Would this Slate PC suffice for Photoshop anime/manga art?

  1. Default Would this Slate PC suffice for Photoshop anime/manga art?

    I was checking out the Microsoft online store, and although I try to read and learn as much as I can about tablets/slates, i'm still always left with questions, so I was wondering if I could get some opinions on this.


    It's the EXOPC, it's around my target price range and the specs seems well enough to run Photoshop CS5 or Sketchbook Pro. I also noticed that it's boasting multi-touch sensitivity and all that, so i'm wondering if this would work well for me as a slate to do sketches for concept Anime and Manga images. Basically i'd be hoping to draw and colour the images on the slate, however if a picture is too large or involves something that needs abit more power to process and finish, I can always transfer it onto my main PC and finish with my drawing tablet.

    So anyone have any advice? Would this be good? Bad? Run smooth or slow? Or am I overlooking a better Slate that's in this ones price range?

    Thanks and any advice is appreciated :)

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    The exoPC is a Capacitive Multi-touch only tablet, it has no active digitizer for a pen (Wacom is generally accepted as the choice for Artists). Also it is a Netbook Atom CPU with 2GB of RAM so drawing type programs will lag. What is your price point? The Asus EP-121 or Samsung Series 7 would be better choices...I personally use the Series 7.
    Jeffrey W. Roach

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    Hey thanks for the response. I'm aiming around the ballpark of $400-$600, I could probably up my budget abit but it'd just mean wait a little while longer. I've taken a look at some of the Series 7 Tablets but i'll have to do some more reading up on it when I can. I'm still trying to grasp the whole idea of the purpose of a digitizer for a pen, i'd assume after a tablet pc is bought then after that you'd just have to get a good quality stylus, is that what you're referring to when you say that Wacom is the generally accepted choice?

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