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New apple ipad
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Thread: New apple ipad

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    Default New apple ipad

    Well, it is almost time for the new apple ipad histeria again. I know there may be some fans of apple products. And there are times that I have looked with a bit of interest, but having left apple in the early 90s why would I want to return to the hyped up market. Apple came up with the iphone- interesting and a bit of allure. The apple ipad made me laugh but I still had to look and touch it. I found out that touch typing would not go well with it was just not going to go well with me. I still prefered my old tc1100.

    The new one? Probably not again- but I'm interested in the specs and of course the media and fan frenzy that accompanies it. It can be entertaining.

    Since I posted this yesterday- I've read just what the 'refresh' means at this link


    And my conclusion is - meh another incremental upgrade that doesn't really add all that much to its functionality.
    Better to spend the money for something else, UNLESS you are a movie watcher then you might find the upgraded resolution to your liking.
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    As I wrote before, the ipad is *MY* thing :) It does all I need it to do and better than my two TC1100. I bought the first ipad and now the new one and am still enjoying them way more. My TC1100 are shelved and only get pulled out once a year when I need to upgrade the firmware of something that only offers Windows software to do it...
    One of the most important things I like about the ipad is the running time, the time it needs to start up from sleep and the noise it makes (none) compared to the TC1100. And no need for a pen...
    Perfect for me, not so perfect for a lot of people *here* but seemingly perfect for a *lot* of people...
    go figure...
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    Glad you found something that works for you. I'd prefer the 1100 due to the amount of handwritten notes I take, and I think a lot of artists prefer the motion le for drawing. It is all in how a person works and if they can adapt the device to them or if they can adapt themselves to the device. There is one thing I'm jealous about-- battery life.
    TC1000 tc1100 tc4200 and now a tc4400

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