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Tablet for University...?
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Thread: Tablet for University...?

  1. Default Tablet for University...?

    Hi everyone,
    I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for which tablet I would be better off getting.

    I will be attending university in the Fall, pursuing a degree in journalism. I have a degree in social work, but back when I got that one (I only graduated in 2007) people in my classes didn't even use a laptop let alone a tablet.

    so if I were to chose to use a tablet, I was wondering if someone could give me the benefits for university and also suggestions as to what I should buy.

    Thanks in advance! :)

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    <<...anyone had any suggestions for which tablet I would be better off getting...>>

    Sylvie: This classic question requires some (also) classic information from you before anyone can attempt to give you an informed answer. Other than, presumably, taking class notes and working up homework assignments, what else do you intend to do with this device? Surf the web? Sketch, draw or use PhotoShop? Gaming? The first few items are pretty easy, but the last two can be extremely demanding (and might actually be the items that determine your best tablet choices).

    Finally, do you intend to have a desktop (or other) computer available as well, or are you thinking about making the tablet your only computer? Again, that makes a big difference in what might be acceptable...

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    Journalism will likely require a lot of typing and Lenovo thinkpads have the best keyboards. I just switch from an HP to a Lenovo myself, and I just love typing on this thing. Not that the HP keyboard was bad by any stretch, but the thinkpad one is just that good. The benefits to getting the tablet version would be inking for markup and editing, which is really fun. I have done editing with both text comments in word or google docs and also transfered stuff into OneNote to pull out the red pen and have at it. I have to say, working with a pen for editing is really nice.
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    I would be using it for taking notes, writing (lots and lots of writing) and surfing the web. Oh and I would probably use it to watch movies as well. I will not have a second computer, this will be my main computer during the week while I'm at school and I will have another computer at home on weekends. (I will be going to school in a different city)

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    Based on the need for extensive writing, I'm inclined to agree with Michelle that a convertible tablet would likely be best for you. The Lenovo X220T (around $1200) is the latest Lenovo model and it is getting good press. You might also consider one of its immediate predecessors, the X200T or X201T; they should be a bit lower in price.

    I also suggest that you look at Fujitsu Lifebooks; the T901 or maybe the T730. Fujitsu tends to be more pricy ($1900 - $1700 range), but I think they're built pretty well. Fujitsu also has refurbished machines available at lower cost. Most users who have bought refurbished machines, including myself, have been satisfied with the results.

    Finally, the sponsor of our site, John Hill, has established a unique tablet loaner program. You pay for shipping and you get to "test drive" a tablet of your choice for a couple of days. The details are here:


    I believe that there are other tablets available besides the ones listed, so be sure to ask...

    Good luck!

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    Thank you so much for all the information. I still have until September to decide, and newer things will be out by then also, but I will definitely be using that site in order to try some out before buying them.

    Thanks again! :)

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