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Current "Gotta Have" Software? - Page 2
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Thread: Current "Gotta Have" Software?

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Hill View Post
    OneNote is a must. I also use PDF Annotator to mark up and sign PDFs.
    Myself as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Michelle Mastin View Post
    I also have somethings in Evernote, but I don't like that Evernote can't mix ink and text.
    I made this suggestion 2 weeks after EverNote was released. Obviously EverNote has been a great success and were probably wise in not catering to the niche Text + Ink crowd. With TabletPCs on the wane and touch devices going through the roof ... Text + ink in Evernote is a foregone conclusion.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jonny Dark View Post
    They have a windows version
    Best painting software i have ever used for a tablet. Sketchbook pro was my favorite... this out guns it 100x
    Does it have pressure sensitivity on a Tablet ? Any Tablet PC specific features vs. generic Windows features ?
    Why do you like it vs. Sketchbook pro ?

    Some of my favs:
    Dropbox - sync from Desktop to Tablets.
    ESP - a defunct search tool to find the files I want. Fast and effective ! Still works on windows 7.
    Journal - best program ever.
    Journal for Windows XP + Vista. I can edit Journal files on any Windows PC. Creative people have enabled installing Windows Journal on any Windows PC.
    Acronis True Image - I like to image my Tablets and reinstall them if they get tired.
    Motion LE1600 VA x2, Motion LS800, Toshiba M200 x4, Motion LE1700 x4 and a TC1100 with dock just for nostalgia. Motion C5 x1, No Ipads.

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    Am I missing something? I notice most people use OneNote but I find Journal so much easier, simpler, and can do more or less everything OneNote can. Not to mention in prints out pages nicely; OneNote is a mess.
    Tablet I have owned...and how much I enjoyed them:
    1. Motion LE1600 7/10
    2. Motion LE1700 8/10
    3. Motion LE1700 SXGA UVA 10/10
    4. Fujitsu Sylist Slates (Many) 5/10
    5. Asus EA800 7/10
    6. Asus EP101 8/10
    7. Lenovo X210 & X220 7/10 (Hate the res!)
    8. All HP convertible tablets. tm1000 - tm2t 3/10
    9. Samsung Series 7 Slate 8/10
    10. Samsung Note 10.1 6/10
    11. Fujitsu T902 10/10
    12. Many many more...I'm just too lazy to write them all!

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    For me, it's the organization that makes OneNote my go-to notes app. I have pages and pages of notes, organized into nested tabs, which are organized into nested sections, which are stored in notebooks that sync through Windows Live. I frequently flip back and forth between tabs and sections, and it's all open all at once in OneNote. To replicate that with Journal, I'd have to dig through several layers of folders and have multiple windows open that I'd have to flip between.
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    Default onenote vs. journal

    I think it depends on what you need it to do.

    I've tried Onenote a few times and there's so many extra features I'm just not using, that are taking up screen real-estate. Maybe if I were still in a school setting and needed ready access to multiple topics, I might have more need of those features. Every now and then I go back an give it another try to see if it makes any sense for me.

    On the other hand Journal has been serving well as a replacement for the yellow note pad I always used to carry around. Simple, searchable, adequate.

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    I've been using a slate since 2003. Along with the standard MSoffice, the key software for me is a "day planner".

    I have been using Franklin-Covey's PlanPlus. It really works quite well, but it seems they are not supporting it and surely not upgrading it. This concerns me since it's so key to my days.

    Do any of you know/recommend another planner type software?


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    Improved virtual keyboard: http://hot-virtual-keyboard.com/

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