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Win7 on a Fujitsu 5032D,Advice?
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Thread: Win7 on a Fujitsu 5032D,Advice?

  1. Default Win7 on a Fujitsu 5032D,Advice?

    I know it will run...but there don't seem to be Fujitsu Drivers for the factory functions available.(On the Fujitsu site anyway...)
    Anyone have experience with this general model and Win7?

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    A few months late on the response ... but yes :) I have a 5022 that I put Win7 on. I use my Fujitsu Stylistics for my work. I did lose some functionality. Things that don't work, Buttons, so no screen rotation, but it's in landscape and I'm fine with that. Card reader, VGA out... now im not sure if the VGA worked before 7 so that may just not be working. But all in all for what I do. It works fantastic. I love win7 over xp specially for the tablet properties. GL :)

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    Thanks for the reply! I decided to go back to XP tablet.7 is fun and fast on the Fujitsu.

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    I believe installing certain drivers from the ST5012 should work.

    Don't remember exactly what I did, but I had a 5032 2 years ago.
    I got everything working back then.

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