Since I have a capacitive Windows based tablet that actually plays nice with my capacitive stylus, this is the perfect opportunity to test the three main types of input surfaces.

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As you can see, the most refined writing comes from the active digitizer. It was also the easiest line to create. Writing on the resistive screen is almost as easy (just have to avoid putting hand on the screen) and I can write about the same size. The capacitive one took a couple of tries, as the ink skips sometimes if I'm not keeping a consistent pressure, and I have to write bigger to keep it legible, but it works.

I have to use a thicker pen on the capacitive screen as it deals with pressure sensitivity by detecting how much of the capacitive stylus is pressed onto the screen. Writing with normal pressure results in all the pens looking thin. If I press really hard, I can get the line to thicken up, but that is not practical for long term writing.