I've just done a clean install of Win 7 on a Motion 1700 and replaced older drivers provided by the install disc and Windows Updates with any newer drivers provided by the Motion web site. So far things seem to be better than with VISTA. But, though I think the stylus clicked when I tapped the screen initially (I'm not sure about this), I know it does not now. If it was clicking before, perhaps the last couple programs I installed changed some setting. The last couple installed were Google Chrome and Google Sketchup. The stylus for my external tablet does click, but the driver that controls that tablet does not control the 1700's screen-stylus interaction.

Sorry to be dense, but I just don't see the control for pen sound. I've looked in the control panels "Pen & Touch," "Tablet PC Settings," and "Sound" but didn't notice it. On a couple help and forum sites I tried to search on key words, but "click," "sound," "pen" etc. are too often used to give results specific to this problem. How do I turn the pen tap click back on? Thanks.