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Motion LE1700 service: total waste of time
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Thread: Motion LE1700 service: total waste of time

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    Default Motion LE1700 service: total waste of time

    I have been repeatedly adviced by several forum members to write to Motion support regarding my problems and questions. Though I was sceptical, I finally did it. The result is as predicted: we can't do this ... we can't do that ... we are sorry ... blah blah blah. No answers to the questions regarding the part numbers of the HDD ZIF connectors, Hydis screens etc ... First they ask you for a serial number pretending to be helpful, and then reply with the crap.

    I am really annoyed and want to share it with you.

    I wrote to Motion Computing US, and got an answer from the German branch, formal and senseless, as expected.

    Fortunately, I can service my LE1700 without the crap of those "supporters" which exist only to blow up the prices of products others design, produce and sell.
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