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Is the cpu of an LE1700 user replaceable
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Thread: Is the cpu of an LE1700 user replaceable

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    Default Is the cpu of an LE1700 user replaceable

    Hi all,
    I have an LE1700 with a shattered screen, but all the other components still work well. I found an LE1700 with a good screen, but it has the slower core solo 1.2 rather than the 1.5 in mine. I was going to buy it and move my HD, ram, etc. I was wondering if I can move the cpu as well.

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    The CPU is soldered in. Probably not user replaceable (at least not easily). Maybe move the screen from the good screen unit to the one with the shattered screen?
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    I was told that replacing the screen was quite difficult that's why I was thinking about going the other way with the rest of the components. Any have any experience with replacing the screen?

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    I think the screen would probably be easier to move than the CPU but that's just from previous experience with tablets.
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    I just went as far as to take all the screws out of the bezel and pop the 2 parts apart at the top where the battery sits. I could see several sets of wires and ribbons connecting the 2 halves. I didn't any farther than that. I think I might just live with the slower processor.

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    Swapping the two bezzles between the two uints is real easy. You just need to make sure you have a long flat head screw driver and don't force anything. There are 4-5 waires you have to deal with but they are all in the HD area. Once you have those wires/ribbon cables all unhooked the two halves seperate just fine. Don't foget to unhook your WI-FI card and feed the wires back into the HD area too and be sure to remember how the wires are routed so assebly is simpler. That is probably the hardest part of the process.

    Wear an anti-static strap and you will be just fine.

    Good luck.
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    Hi Wiggy,
    Are you saying I should take the back half of my LE and mate it with the LCD half of the new unit? I'm not going to actually remove the LCD from the old unit?

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    That is correct. Keep the good LCD in the bezzel and just mate the whole front assebly with the good back assembly containing the motherboard that has the processor you want. Again, the only wires you have to deal with are accessible through the hard drive area and the WI-FI/WAN antenna cables (there are 4 under WI-FI PCI card cover). The WI-FI antenna cables are the trickiest because once you unhook them from the WI-FI card, they need to be fed into the HD area along with the WAN cables. They are connected to the front bezzle and the replacement bezzle will have 4 that need to be threaded back in the same way, but still low threat if you take the process slow and try to remember where they were routed. Taking pictures may be helpful. Also, be sure to not pry or force the clasps on the ribbon cable ZIF sockets. They are fragile and can break if too much force is used. Using a precision, flat head screw driver helps and gently rock the clasp loose working both sides a little at a time. They slide and not buckle.

    I say practice on the machine that if you screw it up, you willing to let go. But I am sure you will do just fine.

    Good luck.
    Current: TX2525nr, iPad (yes, even the iPad).
    Former: Motion Computing LE1700, 1400 and 1300, TC1100, P1510

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