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Thread: FUJITSU 4121 indoor/outdoor display

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    Default FUJITSU 4121 indoor/outdoor display

    This is a Fujitsu tablet pc with a indoor/outdoor screen. The brighter the sun the more brilliant the screen outside.Instead of washing out ,it gets brighter ! These were very expensive and this one is in fabulous condition. I had an extended warranty on it and sent it back at the end of the warranty period due to some dust beind the screen. Fujitsu put a complete new screen and bezel on it! The only thing that wasn't replaced was the rear cover that has the suede leather on it.It has had a screen protector on it since the new screen so it is as new . I also have another screen protector,I think,that will go with it.The pics show the "bump case " that has been on it since new and as you can see it is in fantastic shape.It works as new and has of course all of the true tablet features and software.I would say that on a scale of 10 it is a 9+ in and out. I take care of my "stuff". It also comes with a regular battery and a extended battery that I bought when it was back for warranty. I have all the paperwork ,restore disc ,and even a floppy drive that I don't ever remember using. It will ship in factory cartons. E-mail me and I will send you a link to the Review that was done by a site.If you want specific pics let me know. Thanks for looking . REVIEW- BEST OFFER

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    •Ultra Low Voltage Mobile Intel« Pentium« III Processor 933MHz - M
    •10.4" XGA TFT with indoor/outdoor display
    • 760MB SDRAM memory
    • 60GB hard drive╣
    • Built-in wireless LAN (802.11b), multinational▓ 56K│ V.90 modem and 10/100 Base-Tx Ethernet
    • Windows« XP Tablet PC Edition
    • One-year International Limited Warranty 10.4" XGA TFT, indoor viewable or indoor/outdoor viewable

    A few visuals to make your ad "pop" a bit. :)
    Nice unit. Seems on par with a Motion LE1600. That outdoor viewing looks awesome. Wonder if it is better than a Motion LE1600 VA.

    Motion LE1600 VA x2, Motion LS800, Toshiba M200 x4, Motion LE1700 x4 and a TC1100 with dock just for nostalgia. No Ipads.

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