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M200 Windows 7 Drivers & Issues - Page 9
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Thread: M200 Windows 7 Drivers & Issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by h2144 View Post
    1. SD card - the drivers for HP work for me fine, but just for SD cards - I tried 3 and all work with no problem. However 2 SDHC cards I tried were not working - only green light for two seconds and nothing else..
    Does anyone have an idea how to get SDHCs working?
    There are size restrictions.
    is 1 Gig the max ?
    if you search these forums for M200 SD card you get lots of good information.
    Motion LE1600 VA x2, Motion LS800, Toshiba M200 x4, Motion LE1700 x4 and a TC1100 with dock just for nostalgia. Motion C5 x1, No Ipads.

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    Sorry for the delay, spent 13 hours on I95 yesterday, 6 more hours to go today...

    The joystick button is just that, up, down, left, right, click for "Enter". Great for scrolling through PDF documents when you don't have the stylus in hand or getting the screen to come back when the dimmer kicks in before you're ready. In XP it was also press and hold for the Cross Menu. I wasn't able to make that work in Win7. Hardly ever used the Cross Menu anyway. The middle button is an assignable click. (usually "Escape" or toggle input panel). Also press and hold the middle button to re-orient screen rotation based on accelerometer position. I know that still works in Win7, not sure about the motion detector function. The outside button is hard coded to Ctrl-Alt-Del. Don't scoff until you've lived in an enterprise domain network where you end up clicking that button a dozen times a day to every time you need to login.

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    ok i am presently on win7 boy this going to be challenging I do like the input feature. You are right the handwriting features are way better in Win7. Matter of fact, l am using it to write this reply. So to get the rotation to work l need to get the drivers for XP? how do you get the Accrometer to work?

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    XP programming architecture is significantly different than Vista/Win7. You really want Vista drivers if they are available and if they are compatible with the older hardware.

    Just for you, I resurrected my M200 Win7 image to see what was on it.

    This is my install list

    win7 Enterprise fresh install
    LAN connection updates
    From m200 vista driver pack
    nvidia 46.44
    Tablet PC Extension
    Value added package
    intelPRO wifi driver
    SD Card Bus Driver (sp38175)
    SD Utilities
    Alps driver
    wacom driver

    Name:  Clipboard02.jpg
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    awww man you didnt have to go thru that for me ..but thank you. what are you using now for a tablet? i got this m200 with a 1.8 cpu 1.5 gig ram and 60 gig hd very cheap so i figured it would be a good school pc to learn on

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    It wasn't that bad actually. All I had to do was pull out my usb hardrive and Ghost CD, save off the current, and reload an old image. Took about an hour while I was doing something else. The hardest part was remembering my old password. (At work they change every 90 days.)

    It's a convoluted story, but I'm still using the M200 at home and ebay'ed an HP 2710 package to use at work as an interim solution. The M200 was still entirely viable, but was showing its age both physically and 'mentally'. It's only a 1.6ghz with 2Gb of memory and if I got a bunch of things going at once it would start to sag. (enterprise grade . anti-virus is a resource hog.) Plus I was having issues with certain programs that were video driver related and had to run at 16 bit color in order to have it display correctly.

    For home I rolled the M200 back to XP for a couple reasons. I re-used the WIN 7 key for the work machine. I use it frequently to stream media to my TV and the output port switcher wasn't working correctly with WIN 7. And, I found that WIN 7 wasn't playing well in a home XP network and got tired of fighting it. But, that's a whole different discussion.

    At work the 2710 is ok. I give it a 7 or 8 out of 10. It's fast enough for my needs. The form factor is nice. The modular accessories are inspired. It's just that there are a few frustrating ergonomic 'features' that should have been fixed by now, and still aren't in the 2740 series. I'm keeping my eyes and ears open to see what comes down the pike in the next 6 months or so. I'm leaning toward a 2740 but that may change. I need to get serious about contacting our host and trialing a couple other options.

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    Question help needed installing Secure Digital (SD) Bus Driver for Microsoft Windows 2000

    The HP Secure Digital (SD) Bus Driver 6.0.4069.1 2000 described earlier in this thread won't install for me.

    I have a Toshiba Portege M200 running 32-bit Windows 7 Home Premium (last OS update on 2011-01-11).

    I followed the instructions in Readme.txt (shown below) and get the message:
    "The folder you specified doesn't contain a compatible software driver for your device. If the folder contains a driver, make sure it is designed to work with Windows for 32-bit systems."

    I tried a few different ways in Device Manager to install: pointing it to the directory containing the driver files, letting it run the sdbus.inf file, etc. No luck.

    What do you advise?

    ---------------------------------- readme.txt follows ---------------------------------------------------
    Windows 2000 SD Bus driver

    To Install:

    1) Load MS Device Manager
    2) Select unknown PCI device with yellow bang
    3) Right mouse click and select driver tab
    4) Select Update driver option
    5) Point this to the SD Bus driver in the "C:\swsetup\W2K SD Bus driver\" folder
    6) Select the "sdbus.inf" INF file.
    7) OBSERVE: A Window will pop up with a message: "The file 'sdbus.sys' on %Disk ld1% is need"
    8) Again, point the install process to the "sdbus.sys" driver in the "C:\swsetup\W2K SD Bus driver\" folder
    9) OBSEREVE: The driver should load and the yellow bang resolved.

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    Default Try again?

    I'm back on a fresh install of 7 and using that same driver and I don't recall any issue getting it installed.

    Maybe grab a fresh copy and give it it another go?


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    I upgraded to Windows 7 on my M200, no issues at all. Installed all XP drivers through compatibility mode.

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