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    Hi @ all I have a Toshiba M200 and I am actually pretty happy with it just it is getting old and l was wondering what tablet I could possibly buy next. The thing is that I like having a keyboard if necessary so probably no slate. But here is a list of what things I would like to have:
    -very very very long lasting battery
    -no touchscreen unless l can turn it into a "writing" mode where it only recognizes the pen and not my wrist resting on the screen (it there even is anything like that)
    - a "real" pen not one of those which are as thick as a match coz I just can't write with them (and of course aspace inside the tablet to store that pen)
    - bootable from usb
    - maybe GPS and / or sim card
    -WLan obviously but a good wean adapter the Intel one from my toshiba is tilling me sometimes
    - possibly as light as a feather :)
    - preferably no hard drive but flash memory (60 gigs is more than enough) and no internal DVD drive (both coz of the battery)
    - a lot faster than my m200(1.6 ghz 2gb ram)
    I don't care too much about the price but it should be affordable
    If there is any thing like that please let me know

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    Sorry for the typos in my post sometimes my handwriting is just too sloppy for my tablet

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    <<...l was wondering what tablet I could possibly buy next...>>

    zeze: I'm not going to address your laundry list in any detail, but I'd recommend that you consider a refurbished Dell XT2 which features many of your "like to haves." Many people have bought refurbished XT's and now XT2's and have reported being very satisfied with the condition and the price. Although XT2's with SSD's have been slow to appear, you can buy the SSD separately at NewEgg.

    In particular, the XT2 has capacitive touch, but you can set the screen to only recognize the pen. Also, Dell just added a Gobi WWAN option to the XT2 and you can buy that card separately from Dell. The mini-card incorporates GPS.


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