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Thread: SmudgeGuard gloves anyone???

  1. Smile SmudgeGuard gloves anyone???

    Had anyone tried these smudgeguard gloves before?

    They look awesome, I think I'll be purchasing some pretty soon. The problems I'm experiencing are 1) dirty oily stains left on my ST5032 from my sweaty hands. 2) The screen gets a bit uncomfortably warm after an hour of use. I'm hoping the glove will eliminate both these problems.

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    I have always just used a screen protector from WriteShield. They are better than the standard Vikuti ones that Fujitsu sells because the anti-fingerprint layer is vastly superior. Expensive, but worth it. Won't protect against heat though.
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    I've been using the SmudgeGuard Gloves for about 2 weeks now. They work, I would recommend it. They keep the screen clean. It doesn't really insulate your hand from the heat of the screen, but it does help just a bit. I would give it a score of 8/10. I would really like to see some insulation there between my hand and the screen.


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