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How to clean install XP and Vista using SD card
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Thread: How to clean install XP and Vista using SD card

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    Default How to clean install XP and Vista using SD card

    Just fought a long and arduous battle trying to clean install vista, so I thought I'd share the final method that worked for me. I had to make do without PXE since I dont have a crossover cable and I just couldnt get it to work through my router. Since it involves installing XP first, consider this a dual guide.

    You'll need for XP:

    1 - A decently sized SD card. (1gb+)
    2 - Windows XP Install CD (2000 will probably work)
    3 - A floppy boot disk image that can run an XP install (found in this thread - http://www.tabletpcbuzz.com/forum/to...16&whichpage=2 - make sure the boot disk you use has smartdrv.exe)
    4 - Another PC with a CD/DVD drive

    For vista, youll also need:

    5 -Vista Installation DVD (youll probably need full, not upgrade)

    I did this using a single partition for the HD, dual booting makes it a bit more complicated and I'm not going to go into it.

    1 -Format a SD card with FAT/FAT16.
    2- Copy the boot image to the root of the SD card. ($tosfd00.vfd) etc)
    3- Copy the i386 folder from the WinXP install CD to the SD card.
    4- Insert the SD card into the M200 if its not already, Press F2 on boot, and boot from the SD/floppy.
    5- In DOS, the A: should be the virtual floppy image, and your SD will be either C or D (should be obvious by typing in dir and checking, will assume it's HD = C and SD=D from here on)
    6- From the A: prompt, format your hard drive (type format c:)
    7- After thats complete, copy over the i386 folder from the SD card to your hard drive (xcopy D:\i386 c:\i386 /e /s). This will take quite some time since the sd reader is so slow - over an hour for me.
    8-When the copy is done, at the A: type smartdrv - necessary to install XP - if this doesnt load, youre not using the right boot disk.
    9- Navigate to C:\386 (for those who dont remember dos, type C:\, then cd i386)
    10- Type winnt to begin the XP install.

    If all you want is XP, youre done at this point - you can delete the i386 folder if you need free space after the install is complete. If you then want to clean install vista, continue on:

    Its actually quite easy and requires no formatting or anything, since that was already done by XP.

    Basically, youll need to get the Vista DVD install files on your M200. You can do this several ways, how exactly you do it is up to you - SD card, USB drive, network, etc. You have a lot more options because youre now using a fully functional XP. I personally used a disk image of the DVD, copied it to the M200 hard drive using a large USB drive and daemon tools to mount it within XP. I'm pretty sure you don't need an image, and can just directly copy the files from the DVD and run setup from there.

    1- Run vista setup from within windows
    2 -Install vista onto the same drive XP is on (not upgrade)- it will notify you that your old XP installation will be unavailable and stored in the windows.old folder.
    3- Let it run...itll also take quite some time.
    4- Once youre in vista, run disk cleanup from the start menu. There should be an option to remove the previous windows installation.
    5- Done! All remnant of XP are gone, and you've got a squeaky clean vista install.

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    Just wonna say 'thank you'! Thx for sharing!

    Just another (little) question:
    you say 1GB+ SD-Card ... but my M200's integrated SD_Card-Reader does not seem to be able to read SD-Cards bigger than 1GB (I am not talking about SDHC, just normal SD-Cards > 1GB).

    Did I miss a fix? (download-link?)


    how inappropriate to call this planet earth ... as clearly it is ocean!

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    Well, I used a 1GB SD card myself so I dont know if you'd have a problem using a bigger one...you may very well be right.

    The only part you *need* the SD card is for copying the XP files, so 1GB is plenty. Once XP is installed, you have plenty of other options to get the vista files onto your hard drive.

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    Thanks for the guide, have printed this out just in case, hopefully ill never need it!


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    Quote Originally Posted by eT View Post
    Just wonna say 'thank you'! Thx for sharing!

    Just another (little) question:
    you say 1GB+ SD-Card ... but my M200's integrated SD_Card-Reader does not seem to be able to read SD-Cards bigger than 1GB (I am not talking about SDHC, just normal SD-Cards > 1GB).

    Did I miss a fix? (download-link?)

    Make sure the SD card is formatted using the panasonic sd format utility

    my card didnt work before i used it, did after :)

    This is the method i used: (the main difference is the link to the vfd file which allows you to install any operating system by copying the i386 folder to the sd card)

    Quote Originally Posted by dosada

    1 copy the file i have linked below to your SD card, do the same with the i386 folder of your XP disc.
    2 Insert the SD card in your m200 and reboot it so it boots from it
    3 type format c: /q and hit enter you will be asked to confirm
    4 once formated restart the m200, type xcopy d:\i386 c:\i386 /e /s and hit enter, this should copy your files onto the hard drive and it is normal to take a while
    5 Once this is done type smartdrv and hit enter then c: and hit enter and then cd i386 and hit enter again
    6 type winnt and hit enter and the installation should start

    If this does not work let me know and we will find a way to fix it

    http: -- rapidshare. -- com/files/95058477/_TOSFD00.VFD. -- html

    remove the --
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    Red face

    Ok, lame question here as the manuals for the TC1000 are scant at best, even at the HP web site...

    What size SD do I need?

    I tried my standard SD size card, it appeared not to fit, do I need the micro size, then?


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    We are talking toshiba's here -- HP may not be the same procedure!!!

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    See, that's what *I* get for thinking at 3AM!!!! Sorry...

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    since all the links are dead, could someone tell me where I can get the boot disk image?

    Thanks a lot in advance!


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    Hello -new member here-i have been all over the net trying to find a away to get windows back on my m200. I tried to follow the instructions above but get a "bad Command or file name" at the a:\> prompt everytime i enter a command from above.
    Now...here is what i get when my m200 boots with sd card:
    "microsoft windows 98 startup menu
    1. Repair Man (t&D)
    2. Repair intitial Config set
    Enter choice 1.

    I manage to get to dos and the A: prompt but anything i enter gets me the bad command or file name. Can anyone help me here? i don't want to give up-it had windows on it. i had got a targus cd-rom but it was version 2. oddly enough-the windows xp cd booted and when it got to setup-blue screen of death something about a hard ware issue.
    I know the hard drive works cause i have formatted it in windows on another computer. The m200 has bios 1.80
    Any simple and step by step direction would be so, so appreciated :)
    other wise -it heads to ebay :(

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