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Good old trusty Acer!
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Thread: Good old trusty Acer!

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    Default Good old trusty Acer!

    As I described my sad saga with my C112 keyboard:
    I call up Acer Singapore and was told that the whole keypad have to be replaced at a cost of S$95 (about USD$60) even though I told them that the key just broke by itself.
    The even sadder truth is my 3 years warranty just expired at the end of October.

    Anyway I dragged myself down to Acer Sg support centre on Saturday. As usual the service centre is full of people. However, I must say the way the service people allocated to the service counters were always quite professional. Firstly, I like the fact that the person doing allocation is one of the technical support staff and could decide on the spot what the problem is likely about: hardware or software, replacement or recoverable and based on that he will allocate to the relevant service counters. The other very good practice Acer sg have was the technical support supervisor/manager is just behind the counters, his office is also just behind the counters. I know because I could hear him talking to the counter staffs just in front of me. So although the service centre is always full house but it is always orderly. Twice I am here, I did not spot any angry customers. This was much better than the inferior experience I saw at Fujitsu technical service centre.

    Back to Acer. I was told to wait for at least 45 minutes to 1 hour as it was a busy day. Well, it turned out to be only 30 minutes. So I told the guy my plight. He confirmed that my warranty had just expired 3 weeks ago. He tried to check whether there is extra keys lying around but to no avail. Look a little stern and walking in and out the back office a few times. Took my beloved C112 tablet inside. Then he came out and told me it's done. So I looked at the keypad and the broken keys were replaced. I noted the keyboard looked clean and realised he changed the whole keyboard soft pad. I guessed it would set me back at least $90 bucks.

    Then he spoke with a no-fills voice "I replace the whole keypad as there is no extra keys lying around". To my delight, he continued "and I will waived the charges" with that he handed me a receipt with $0.00 on it.

    Wow! No charge for the keyboard and no service charge either. You guys can bet I was full of grin then and for the whole day.

    I knew there were varied experience with Acer support. However, I felt compelled to point out the excellent no-questions asked support that I received which made me a very happy man.

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