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Thread: Using tablet PC for novel writing

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    I can offer you a few suggestions on TPCs (tablet PC) and writing.

    It is a fantastic piece of hardware for writers. Revolutionary in fact.

    All your notes can be kept in one place (backup everything though!). I recommend OneNote. OneNote allows you to store all of your research (i.e. internet based) in one place and categorize your notes/research. If you're writing fiction keep your chapter notes, character development, storyline, etc in seperate folders. Then when you're ready to write, (if you have a convertable), simply flip that screen upright, place your hands on the keyboard and jam!

    You never run out of paper, space or ink! You always have everything you need to work. So, the TPC liberates you. Go to the coffee shop, airport, hotel, beach etc and never even worry about leaving even a sticky note behind. (Yes, TPCs have sticky notes too!)

    Now all that said I want to caution against some of the advice I've read above. First of all I would NOT purchase a slate. Get a convertable TPC. Converting handwriting to text will sllllloooooowwwww you down! It stifles your creativity and turns your right brain left. There is no faster input than the keyboard. When you are in creative mode you need to pump it OUT! The last thing you want to do is focus your creativity on why the OS recognized your "i" as an "l". You need a keyboard!

    The handwriting input offered by the TPC hardware platform is best for keeping notes - YOUR NOTES. Don't convert them to text. If you are the only one reading them, then why bother? On the rare occassion you have to share your notes, type them. Or write them neatly and convert them to PDF.

    Yes Vista recognizes your handwriting better because of the training, but honestly most folks who store their notes on a TPC, and in particular writers, do not convert the notes to text. So don't feel like you have to go Vista if you're not ready for that OS.

    Final thoughts... I absolutley love the TPC. I am forever sold on the platform. I love Macs and will not completely switch over to the Mac OS because the TPC is so awesome for writing.
    A good business foundation to build upon - Say what you mean, mean what you say.

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    Thanks for the input, Stockmarket!

    I agree that nobody should try to write anything of substance in the tip, converting as you go, but some of us still enjoy composing longhand. I can empathize with that, it took me years before typing came naturally enough to me that I wasn't mentally spelling out every word and messing up my thought processeses.

    For a longhand writer, I would just write longhand, and when the chapter felt finished enough, and I wanted to polish or edit, then I would convert the text and clean it up, so that I could work toward a typeset manuscript.

    Everybody has to find what works for them.


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    Sharon -

    You are so right, the conversion of ink is very helpful for those who create manuscripts/screenplays in longhand. I know David E. Kelly and Wayne Dyer still write screenplays and novels respectively using yellow notepads. So for the discrete few like yourself that do find their creative flow using this method the tablet is awesome.

    I thought the original poster like most novices to the TPC was under the impression that ink needs to be converted to text. I can't remember the last time I converted ink (sans TIP for internet fields); butI remember when I received my first tablet I kept converting my ink until the thought dawned on marble head...Why, who is going to read these notes? LOL

    A good business foundation to build upon - Say what you mean, mean what you say.

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    Lightbulb Blog dedicates articles to Tablet PC and Writers

    There is a blog that is mostly dedicated to technology as it concerns writers and they have a five-part series on Tablet PCs for Writers. Bet you find good info there.

    Here's the first article. http://blog.litcentral.com/2008/05/1...p-part-i-of-v/

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    I have wondered if there are any professional writers using Wacom's Cintiq?

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