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executive stylus battery life? - Page 3
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Thread: executive stylus battery life?

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    I'm in the same boat and I really miss my stylus guys! I had no choice but to open and this is by far the hardest thing I had ever had to open... I am able to see the batteries but not able to get them out unless I chop it in half! Does anyone know where to buy a replacement or a stylus that will work on my gateway laptop?!? Gateway don't have a phone number and things are hopeless.... Please guys I want to be able to use my stylus again!

  2. Default Stylus replacement for Gateway CX2610

    Try NJ Liquidators 35 dollars including shipping; just received mine, works great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paccibee View Post
    Try NJ Liquidators 35 dollars including shipping; just received mine, works great.
    can you give me the link please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kteman View Post
    There is DEFINITELY A PEN IN THE CX2620 stylii. I just replaced mine with a AAAA battery. The old one (which is a AAAA size, you can find these inside 9-volt batteries) had acid buildup on its positive end and that is why the pen went inactive. There is a lot of debate over this pen problem and I guarantee 90% of the time it's related to the battery. I can do a clean replace on anybody's CX2620 pen/stylii with a fresh battery for $10. If interested email me at kevinteman@hotmail.com . You pay for shipping, your total about $17 or so. I have never done this before but I just replaced mine flawlessly so I can do others. I know there are a lot of dead stylii out there and people don't know what to do, took me a while to figure it out.

    Kevin Teman
    I saw Kevin's post here and took him up on his offer. I sent my dead stylus to him, he replaced the battery the day he received it, and he sent it back to me the next day. The stylus now works beautifully. He also included an extra battery and instructions on how to replace it myself the next time it goes dead. Highly recommended!

    Mark H.

  5. Default Tablet PC Pen

    Hey guys,
    I've replaced a few pen batteries so far, and I intend to get everyone up and running again with their Tablets. I've created a website around my business. I have typically done battery replacements because 90% of the time that is the problem. But, I've also applied other fixes.

    Please email me if you're having issues with your Tablet PC stylus/pen:

    kevinteman AT hotmail DOT com

    Or see my website at: kevinteman.com/stylusrepair

    Thanks for your time,

    Kevin Teman

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