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M200/205 pressure sensitive?
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Thread: M200/205 pressure sensitive?

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    Default M200/205 pressure sensitive?

    Ok, I forget where but someone did recommend an M200/205 for artistic use based on that it has pressure sensitivity and that is important to me since I'm used to using a Wacom tablet. They said though that it doesn't do pen "rotation"... what is that? I don't recall, or think, I've used that on my Wacom (I use Photoshop with my Wacom)? So I might not be missing much.

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    The M200 is pressure sensitive, so you are right there. Some older apps may require the Wacom penabled driver installed before it will work though. Not familiar with pen rotation, but it sounds like, on some external graphics pads, you can set up custom nibs, and rotate them on the page by twisting the pen. Pretty sure that doesn't work.

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    I think the pen rotation may refer to being able to control the stroke by changing the vertical angle of the pen with respect to the screen.

    M200 does not support this though either.

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