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multiple problems with tablet
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Thread: multiple problems with tablet

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    fbeiderb Guest

    Default multiple problems with tablet

    I've been experimenting with using my tablet in class. I typically only use it for work. I've had an issue with OneNote 2007 that maybe someone can explain. Last night I also had a very strange thing happen.

    First, the OneNote. I use it for work meetings to take notes and track items. I've had no issues at work using it. When I use it in class, the program toggles between ink and text mode randomly. It is very strange. The only difference is that at work I typically boot by ac and in landscape mode. At class I boot in portrait and via battery. Anybody have any suggestions.

    Last night while getting set up, the tablet shut off. The battery was fully charged when I left work. I got to windows and had launched OneNote and then, power off. I tried the power button a few more times, this time it wouldn't get to booting and it would power off. Thinking it was a power problem, I waited until coming in to work to try again. Hooked up to AC I got the same issue. Since I had swapped the drive, I put the original drive back in. Same problem. Serious bummerosity at this point. On a whim, I disconnect the AC, removed the battery, powered the unit on and held the power switch for a few seconds (it was recommended by support for my Averatec). Put everything back together and it is (apparently) running fine. This is with the original drive and with the new drive. Anybody experience anything like this? Any suggestions?


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    Malberttoo Guest


    Well, if you are really are using OneNote "2007" (as opposed to the current "2003"), that application is still fairly beta, so maybe you are running into bugs because of it??

    As far as the battery thing, I've had the exact same issue with several Dell laptops at work, and the solution was the same -- remove all power, cycle the power switch for a few seconds, re-apply all power and reboot. Everything was good after that, so I guess the only comfort I can give you is that your issue certainly isnt unique. :)

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    fbeiderb Guest


    Thanks for the response. I just thought it was strange I had no issues with ON 2007 except when I started directly from battery. Journal worked fine, but ON was flakey.

    Thanks for the info on the battery. I'm not quite sure what happened there.


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