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Hello all, While I am waiting for my CX200s t
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Thread: Hello all, While I am waiting for my CX200s t

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    DaHaMac Guest

    Default Hello all, While I am waiting for my CX200s t

    Hello all,

    While I am waiting for my CX200s to arrive I am trying to figure out what I am going to do for a wireless router. I talked with my ISP about getting a router through them, but they are not offering that service in my area. I am looking on NewEgg at their available routers, but most seem to have alot of negative reviews. I thought I would pop in over here and see what kind of router y'all thought would be the best.


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    Dozer Guest


    I've been using a Linksys WRT54G for about 6 months and their "B" version for over a year before that...never have had a problem, always worked, gets great range. I have Cox cable as my ISP.

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    Steve S Guest


    After fighting my kids for about a year (I like the security of a wired router), I caved in and bought a Linksys WRT54GX2... The one with the miracle additive SRX200.

    It took me a week or so to research some problems (I had to adjust the packet size (MTU; I think I ended up with 1492...) and I think that was primarily a problem with my cable provider, Charter Communications), but with that done I'm like Dozer: I can report trouble-free operation and great range... when my cable's working...! Of course, that latter issue isn't Linksys' fault!

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    DaHaMac Guest


    Sounds like Linksys is ahead. In fact one of the routers I had selected is the Linksys WRT54GL and is one of the few to get a majority of good reviews on NewEgg. The other router's cost is a bit more, in fact I can get the WRT54GL plus a PCI Adapter (for another PC box not the tablet) for less than the other router.

    Hopefully it will be a relatively painless install, as Charter is also my ISP and I'm in one of those busy stages of life.

    Thanks for the feedback, I'll keep my ears open for more but I hope to buy a router by May 5th.


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    digitaldoc Guest


    I like Linksys because:
    1. Sold everywhere. Example buy at Office Depot and 30 days to take it back.
    2. Toll free tech 24/7

    I've had wifi at home and work since 99. 4 kids and a wife on it at home. Of course I'm wired :-)

    I have two Access Point/Wifi/Routers next to me as I type on my wired computer. For the last few months I disabled my Linksys SRX Mimo in favor of a Belkin Pre-N. This Belkin is very stable and nice with G wifi. Unfortunetly, Belkin only sells Pre-N PC cards and not USB at this point. I believe Linksys now sells Pre-N.

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