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How do you connect your tablet PC to another com
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Thread: How do you connect your tablet PC to another com

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    sierratac Guest

    Default How do you connect your tablet PC to another com

    How do you connect your tablet PC to another computer (laptop)? I have an ethernet cable, but I can't for the life of me figure out out to set up a network or whatever. I didn't think if there was an ethernet cable that I needed a router, but the network connection wizard keeps saying I need an internet connection. Le sigh. I am hopeless with technology, could someone help me out? I would like to be able to connect to the internet through this laptop, but on my TPC (so I can download that WACOM driver and maybe a decent art program). Any help is appreciated (especially if you could give me steps, or point me to somewhere that will walk me through it. O.o) thanks.

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    newst Guest


    Go out and get yourself a USB Link cable, $24.99 at CompUSA.

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    Scaevola Guest


    or grab a switch for $20 bucks or "cross-over" rj45 (ethernet cord if you got an ethernet card in both computers and set up a direct cable connection).

    If you got a new laptop with an integrated wireles. I'd suggest going paying $30 and getting a wireless router and set it up so you can get internet access wirelessly on your laptop especially if you plan to do it a lot.

    What kind of internet do you have cable? dsl? dial up? Does your desktop connect directly to a modem or a thing w/ more ethernet jacks?

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    Bishop Guest


    If both computers have the same domain name, when you put the cross-over ethernet/cat 5 cable in both, they find each other without a set up (unless you've tighten up security). Share the folder you need to access, and move away at full speed.

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    lennartp Guest


    Yeah, crossover cable . that's the easiest and cheapest way. Though it helps if both machines run on the same Os. Win 2KPro +XP crossover network is a tricky mess....
    btw: has anyone experience with Colligo ad hoc wlan ? That seemed very practical. Would like to hear comments !

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    sierratac Guest


    Well my friend's laptop has cable, the tpc has integrated wireless. I haven't been able to get a router because I don't want to get the wrong kind and I'm bad at figuring things out (as you can probably tell) - I don't wanna spend a ton of money on something that I can't use. Also, I don't have a car. xD Soooo, yeah, it's a little harder to go out and buy things and then return them if they don't work... I usually *cue cheesy music* Do It Eeeeeebaaay. xD

    I do have an ethernet cable, which is why I'm hoping to use that. This laptop has XP, the TPC has Windows tablet ed. How can I see if they have the same domain, or change it so they do? Thanks.

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    Bishop Guest


    Right click on My Computer, select Properties. On the Computer Name tab, the Domain is displayed. If they are different, you can change one to match the other, and change it back later.

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    sierratac Guest


    Is the domain the same as the workgroup? Because these are always the same for me, but it still does not show up when I plug in the ethernet cable.

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    Keith Osborn Guest


    A standard ethernet cable won't work. You'll need to get a crossover cable.

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    sierratac Guest


    What the heck is an ethernet cable for then? o-o

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