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Subject Line: Your Lenovo order XXXXX has been d
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Thread: Subject Line: Your Lenovo order XXXXX has been d

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    Butkusrules Guest

    Default Subject Line: Your Lenovo order XXXXX has been d

    Subject Line: Your Lenovo order XXXXX has been delayed.

    Dear XXXXX

    We apologize, but shipment of one or more items in your Lenovo order XXXX, has been delayed. We now estimate that all items in your order will be shipped by 07/15/05.

    You may check your order status at any time by visiting:


    If you have any questions, or wish to change or cancel your order, please call us at 1(866)428-4465 or email us at CUSTSERV@CA.LENOVO.COM.

    Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this delay may have caused. Lenovo appreciates your continued business.

    Lenovo Customer Support

    NOTE: Please do not reply to this message; it comes from a notification-only address that cannot accept replies.

    ================================================== =========================
    Order Information:
    Order Date and time:06/17/05 08:21:24AM
    Customer Number: xxxx
    Order Number: xxxx

    Ship to:

    Bill to:

    REVISED ESTIMATED SHIP DATE: Item(s) will be shipped by 07/15/05.

    __________________________________________________ _______________ Product
    Code Description Price Quantity Total Status
    SYS.18666S CONFIGURED SYSTEM $2,089.50 1 $2,089.50 CONFIRMED
    18666SU s X41 TABLET PENT M LV 758 (1.5) $1,999.20 CONFIRMED
    73P2952 s OFFICE 2003 BASIC PRELOAD $90.30 CONFIRMED
    Shipping $0.00
    Tax $130.59
    Total $2,220.09

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    usccharles Guest


    Hey, how come you get an email and i don't??

    Am i not a customer too??



    YOU HEAR ME!!!!!

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    netghost Guest


    I haven't got any email either.:(

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    Butkusrules Guest


    Brothers I was much like you until this morning. I too was wondering...do I not deserve at least an email from the mothership?

    Well I hate to burst your bubble but it's not all its cracked up to be. My order status online still says Aug 9th, this email says the order was delayed and will now ship out July 15th,2005. That was last week for all of you Quantum Leap fans.

    So incredibly I am more confused now then I was yesterday.
    There is a ray of optimism, the itemized list says "confirmed" next to each of the items. Hopefully "confirmed" is "complete" and my order is waiting in the hanger for the freight plane to the US of A. Or maybe my laptop is still a glimmer in the eye of some industrious Chinaman and I won't see my laptop till Sept.

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    DrDan Guest


    So today you received a delay notice saying that the shipment is delayed to a date earlier than today? And you still haven't received the tablet?


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    arclite Guest


    quote:Originally posted by bertronium

    From: Head of Customer Representatives
    To: All post-sales representatives

    If you would all please take a moment to look over the revised customer order information database, you will find that we have installed three new functions so that you may better serve our customers. First, our programmers have worked hard to bring to you the Random Ship Date generator. If the generated output is a date before today, make up something that feels comfortable. Second, you'll see on the right hand side the new Late Excuses generator. Just click and read verbatim. Lastly, we have installed a Kick-to-End-of-Ship-Queue button. Use liberally and chuckle all the while. Thank you for bearing with us through these changes so that we can optomize our customer service.
    Nothing to wonder about. The random ship date generator screwed up. Your sales rep is really lazy that he couldn't even make up a "comfortable date".

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    Rick Viegas Guest


    I got the same email, it means nothing. Lenovo just likes playing mind games with us.

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