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Thread: I'm having trouble with my 314 since I've got in

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    philox Guest

    Default I'm having trouble with my 314 since I've got in

    I'm having trouble with my 314 since I've got in the beginning of the month. I couldn't understand the problem in the first times it happened, but now I think I've figured it out. Everytime it gets hot (using more demanding programs like powerpoint, watching videos or dealing some tomography imaging software I have), if I try to fold it to tablet mode or even move the computer from one desk to another, it gets really slow. Even the mouse pointer gets really slow and I can't even save my projects. Seems like some type of hardware problem. I am contacting acer support today, initially by email. Any ideas?

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    txtrinitytiger Guest


    Actually I just had this problem and it took me a whole day of researching it online to figure it out, so I'm trying to spread the news so it won't be as difficult for other people.

    To tell you the truth, I've been having several problems with my TM C312XCi, I'm thinking about buying the extended warranty... especially the stories I've been hearing about the hinge breaking on the C100's... from what I could tell, it's the same body design.

    Anyhow the problems I've been having:
    - Wireless can see network but can't connect or talk to it
    FIX: rolled back the wireless drivers to Intel's version 8, works now
    REASON: could be wireless routers problem and may be fixed with an upgrade to routers firmware, but in this case it's a companies router and not mine.

    - If tablet is set to sleep in 30min or 1hr under power management and tablet is put to sleep manually, it will come out of sleep in 30min or 1hr (doing the opposite of power management settings)
    FIX: I think I might have fixed this during the FIX for the occasional intense computer lag/slow down.

    - Tablet will slow down incredibly at random times.
    FIX: Turns out it's not random and in my case not associated with heat. It was the hard drive shock absorbant feature. It seems that the sensor is too sensitive and it activates at the slightest movement of the tablet (ie. walking from one side of the room to the next). Turns out updating the Intel chipset drivers from Intel's website worked. And ironically, the chipset update might have also fixed my sleep-mode problem (still testing this).

    I hope all this helps somebody out there. I've literally been messing with all these problems for a whole week.

    I used the wireless C300 driver to rollback my wireless driver:

    Inte's Latest Chipset

    Acer's PanAmerican Support website is not updated as often as their Europe's website (it's in English):

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