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Is there any way to synch Outlook on a tablet to
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Thread: Is there any way to synch Outlook on a tablet to

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    happyphase Guest

    Default Is there any way to synch Outlook on a tablet to

    Is there any way to synch Outlook on a tablet to my "official" desktop machine? Similar to the way I synch my PDA using ActiveSynch.
    The problem is that in my work environment I cannot connect non-standard (for my company) hardware to the network.

    Thanks in advance

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    Jim Artis Guest


    Hello happyphase :-)

    Many of us use SnycPST to synchronize Microsoft Outlook between TPC and desktop. I tried the give you links on the Buzz that give information on SyncPST. That did not work. Enter the search string "SyncPST" and you will get a list like this.

    From your list of hits, you can read about our experiences.

    Happy reading ...

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    obscurite Guest


    I just started asking on the "you want a 2nd tablet" thread about syncing not only Outlook but also files.

    Being able to sync Outlook is great, but what if you have say, two Windows XP machines, one Mac, and one Palm. How do you sync files? Okay, let's keep it simple...

    What if you have two tablets? Here are some sync scenarios I came up with:
    - use a central server with some kind of 'rsync' program that you run between every computer and the central server - the server can be your home PC
    - use a web drive, usb drive, or other storage as a shared repository
    - use briefcase, or another sync software tool that works over the network
    - use a "Version control" system (also involves having a central server)

    Jim - you must have some ideas :) How do these people with 2 tablets do it?

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    liquidblaze Guest


    as far as outlook is concerned you can use an Exchange Server
    as for files - a central storage would probably be the easiest.

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    Jim Artis Guest



    In terms of files, I recommend a file server where each computer shares files that are on the network file server. The shared resource on the file server is mapped to a drive letter on each computer to use the shared resource. This allows for file currency, but does not allow you to take away a copy of the files on a portable computer, say a TPC.

    To do that, you can use Microsoft briefcase of a sync program like ViceVersa, which I use. Other members use other apps. The Buzz is loaded with information on synchronization applications. For the PDA, I use Microsoft ActiveSync. The Palm also has a synchronization program.

    If interested in how I use ViceVersa, please see this thread:

    Like my suggestion above, enter "synchronization" as a search string for many hits on how members file sync.

    Happy reading to you also...

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    Bethany Guest


    I actually tried what seems like 50 gazillion sync programs trying to keep the files for my dissertation synced between three computers and finally decided that I liked Vice Versa best as well. I like the fact that you can easily see exactly what's about to happen before you tell it to go ahead with the sync, something that a surprising number of sync programs -- most of them that I tried, in fact -- don't appear to let you do. Once you've chosen your sync method in Vice Versa the colors of the directory lists change and make it easy to see exactly what's going to be copied or deleted/overwritten. (You can also call up a preview screen if you so desire.)

    My trial has just about expired and now it's time to buy... I just need to decide, Plus or Pro. Pro has a few nifty-seeming features: most notably, it remembers all your previous settings, something Plus doesn't seem to like to do. The fact that Pro can tell whether BOTH versions of a file have changed since your last sync seems like something that won't matter often but could be a lifesaver when it does. And Plus can't sync files while you're using them, very annoying.

    Still, Pro is $30 more, and $30 doesn't grow on trees. :-) I wish it came with a text-file-comparison feature, too.


    Can't help you with Outlook, I suppose a copy came with my Office 2003 but I've never opened it.


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    Dozer Guest


    I only have two computers to sync (desktop and tablet). I've been using briefcase to sync not only my Outlook files, but all the other types as well.

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    CamperMan Guest


    I don't know if happyphase is still following this thread, but I would second the suggestion of using an Exchange server. From his description, it sounds like he is unable to plug his tablet into his work network. This means that any sync program cannot be used directly from him tablet to his work computer. He could purchase a USB drive and sync his home computer to that, then that to his work computer, and reverse the process when he gets home. This is probably the best option of he also wants to synchronize a large set of files.

    If he doesn't want to mess with that, then an Exchange server is a viable option. There are third-party Exchange accounts that can be purchased on the Internet for under $10 a month. With an Exchange server, he could keep his work and home Outlook data in sync. Another option is MSN, which has a program to keep multiple copies of Outlook synchronized with an MSN server. It functions much like an Exchange server. However, I believe it doesn't take the place of one, which means it can be used in the same profile as an existing Exchange server. If he also uses Exchange at work this would probably be the best server option.


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    Wcrocker Guest


    A central server definitely using Exchange would work. I need to sync between my Tablet and desktop, although not as frequently as I used to as my Tablet is my primary machine. If you don't want to or need to go the server route, you can use other options, depending on your demands.

    I use synchpst for Outlook and Briefcase for files. Been doing that for awhile and it solves my needs.

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