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well, subject line says it all, i guess... i'm c
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Thread: well, subject line says it all, i guess... i'm c

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    dcpetral Guest

    Default well, subject line says it all, i guess... i'm c

    well, subject line says it all, i guess... i'm curious, as my MB was already replaced once, but i'm starting to notice buggy cursor movement again in my litepad. right now it's limited to the right hand side (in portrait mode) and a few other scattered areas. also seems to come and go. anyone else had persisting problems after MB replacement?

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    lsbeller Guest


    I have had to send it in twice. First time to replace the MB and the cecond time supposedly to fix a loose video connection. The work order did not indicate that they had replaced the MB.

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    elbogo Guest


    I sent mine twice for the same problem and they have not solved the problem yet. The first time the work order came back stating that they replaced the CF shield plate, the second time they replaced the Motherboard and did a hardware update.

    I just got my tablet back today and the pointer keeps jumping to the corners. I've been using the mouse with the screen in horizontal mode.

    When I talked to them over the phone, they said that they were unable to reproduce the problem (both times) so they can't do anything!!! I'll talk to a manager tomorrow. Any suggestions?

    Steve, would you mind telling me what exacly did they do to your tablet. It seems that it solved the problem, right?


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    lsbeller Guest


    Here's the link to my first problem:

    My NEC is Dead

    Note: I had the erratic pointer movement prior to it completely dying on me. After an apparent MB replacement, everything was fine.

    The second time, my video was on the fritz where the screen would just wash away. After sending it in and NEC working on the video connector to the MB, everything is fine.

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    flammable Guest


    I have a feekling I will be sending mine back shortly as well. This seems to be a common problem, I can't believe that they can't reproduce the problem at the shop... it happens so often to me!

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    elbogo Guest


    The guys at NEC asked me to try my tablet PC at a different location because it may be an electromagnetic field interfering with the tablet. I did it and it seems to be the case; the problem occurs at my office but not at my home. I went to the roof of the office next to mine and they have several boxes-machines (I don't know what they are, one looks like an industrial air conditioning system), anyway, I tested the tablet closer to the boxes and the pointer got more and more erratic, it got to a point where it was jumping all around the screen by itself.

    So it seems that I won't be able to use my tablet at my office. They suggested to try an aluminium shield, and a friend suggested me to try a wireless mouse, however that won't solve the erratic behavior with the pen.

    Bad news.


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    flammable Guest


    My Computer Engineer friend echoed that sentiment. Since Tablet PCs us Electromagnetic wresonance(??) instead of touch screens they are victim to this type of interference. However, I think it is a design flaw if there isn't enough sheilding to prevent this.

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    elbogo Guest


    I agree, the source of the fields are not even close; They are at least 60 foot away.


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    elbogo Guest


    It also amaze me that I was not able to find any reference to this problem outside this forum, even when the problem seems to be not exclusive to NEC, I found in this forum at least another two references to what seems to be the same problem affecting Fujitsu and Acer tablet pcs


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