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My last laptop was a Dell, and it didn't take ve
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Thread: My last laptop was a Dell, and it didn't take ve

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    scaredwitless Guest

    Default My last laptop was a Dell, and it didn't take ve

    My last laptop was a Dell, and it didn't take very long for it to slowly one-by-one lose all four of it's rubber feet on the base. I have a Dell Axim pocket-PC that eventually suffered the same fate, and eventually I upgraded my Dell with a larger battery that fit under the computer, and this battery also ended up loseing all its rubber feet. Cheap adhesive if you ask me. Anyway--I promised myself that the next Dell I got, I was going to remove the feet and super-glue them back on--but as fate would have it I fell in love with a little Toshiba.

    So the question is, how sticky are these rubber feet? Has any one lost theres yet? I'm curious if the glue is better, if it isn't I'd like to jump in with the superglue before they're gone.

    On an unrelated noted, Everything about the Toshiba's build just impresses me to no end. Definitely a high quality machine.

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    WNewquay Guest



    My Toshiba still has a firm and even footing.

    To put that in perspective. I've never lost a rubber foot off the bottom of a portable computer (20 or 30, so far...)

    But then again, I don't push them along the floor or carpet going

    "vrooom vrooom vroooooom!" either.

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    scaredwitless Guest


    I think you're getting strange ideas in your head as to what I do with my laptops. :) As for the Dell's, I believe it's actually heat that eventually wears down the adhesive and makes it "gooey". Then the next thing that happens is you take the laptop off a table, and the rubber foot unsticks,rolls over, maybe sticks to the table, and you leave not realizing it even happened.

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    hizz Guest


    my dell also lost its feet due to heat, exactly the same scenario as you described :(
    i have an inspiron 500m btw..

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    huy33 Guest


    I own the m200 for about a month now and it still has 4 feet and there are no signs of them coming off so i don't think you should worry about it. I haven't heard of anyone on this forum say anything about those pads coming off so go ahead and buy one. You know you wanna...

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    Wcrocker Guest


    Still got rubber feet here.

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    sbressler Guest


    Um, I see the rubber feet that you guys are referring to on the laptop. But wasn't there a post in the post two weeks or so about something near the keyboard falling off that creates quite an annoyance?

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    scaredwitless Guest


    Thanks for the replies everyone. So far the consensus seems to be pointing to the fact that Toshiba does a better job adhering those little suckers to the base. It's a real PAIN loseing them, as it's nearly impossible to get to the right people to order new ones.

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    wmadan Guest


    Well, I lost one of my rubber feet within a month of purchase. I don't know what caused it. I was annoyed when it happened, but I guess I got over it-sort of. So, does anyone have any suggestions for a do-it-yourself fix?

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    wallen Guest


    Got mine in November last year, still have all my feet. And Scott, yes I still have all 7 rubber screen stops around the keyboard.

    If you had to fix it yourself, a rubber foot off an old laptop could be cut to size and superglued probably...

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