Ok, so I decided I should probably uninstall the developers SP2 and install the normal people's SP2. So I was uninstalling it at my grandparents' house cause I was bored but didn't have my AC adapter with me. It made it through the uninstall fine then went to reboot except it didn't have enough battery to make it through the reboot. It froze with a blank screen, I guess cause it didn't know what to do, and so I ended up just turning it off cold. Got home, plugged it in, turned it on, and got the little blue screen saying windows was not shut down properly. It ran though that, then another screen came up with five options (three safe modes, a last working condition mode, and a start normally mode). I didn't figure out what was going on intime to pick an option so it did the default start normally. Then another blue screen popped up and said the c drive needed configuring and so it ran through that, truncated some files apparently, and tried to start up.

Well, so now it starts up, displays the acer screen, goes to the Windows screen (which says Tablet PC edition, btw ^_^) has a quick blue screen flash, then loops back to the acer screen.

PLEEEAAAASE help. Just a way to save my files at least. I did a lab friday I hadn't backed up yet, and that would really suck to loose, let alone everything else that would suck as well.

I'm not so hot with fixing comps on my own (obviously).