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Ok, so I decided I should probably uninstall the
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Thread: Ok, so I decided I should probably uninstall the

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    chaimberbell Guest

    Default Ok, so I decided I should probably uninstall the

    Ok, so I decided I should probably uninstall the developers SP2 and install the normal people's SP2. So I was uninstalling it at my grandparents' house cause I was bored but didn't have my AC adapter with me. It made it through the uninstall fine then went to reboot except it didn't have enough battery to make it through the reboot. It froze with a blank screen, I guess cause it didn't know what to do, and so I ended up just turning it off cold. Got home, plugged it in, turned it on, and got the little blue screen saying windows was not shut down properly. It ran though that, then another screen came up with five options (three safe modes, a last working condition mode, and a start normally mode). I didn't figure out what was going on intime to pick an option so it did the default start normally. Then another blue screen popped up and said the c drive needed configuring and so it ran through that, truncated some files apparently, and tried to start up.

    Well, so now it starts up, displays the acer screen, goes to the Windows screen (which says Tablet PC edition, btw ^_^) has a quick blue screen flash, then loops back to the acer screen.

    PLEEEAAAASE help. Just a way to save my files at least. I did a lab friday I hadn't backed up yet, and that would really suck to loose, let alone everything else that would suck as well.

    I'm not so hot with fixing comps on my own (obviously).

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    WNewquay Guest



    Can you get into Safe Mode?

    (press F8 while Windows is loading).

    Choose Safe Mode

    Then see if you can do a system restore that puts you back to before you went to the grandparents' house.

    Backup your files and then you can start experimenting.

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    WNewquay Guest


    Tracy - on another note:
    You said -
    quote:Ok, so I decided I should probably uninstall the developers SP2 and install the normal people's SP2.
    If you are thinking that you have to uninstall a Release Candidate before you go to the general release of SP2... You don't have to.

    You can just go to Windows Update and the SP2 update will take care of things for you. No special precautions (beyond backups) need be taken. The SP2 installer seems to handle an update over the release candidates without a hitch.

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    chaimberbell Guest


    none of the f's work, and the selection screen isn't even showing up anymore. I think it's kaput. I tried a safe mode boot when I could still choose it and it did no good either.

    Anyone want an Acer 110 with an extra battery? I may go for an m1300, since the opportunity presents itself and all...

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    Spencer Guest


    Tracy - Have you tried booting from a bootable CD or floopy (if you have an external drive)? If nothing else that might at least allow you a way to copy some of your files before doing re-installing the OS. I think it is going to come down to that in the end though, if it didn't finish the full reboot after installing SP2 I imagine you've got some corrupted system files in there.

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    Sergei Guest


    Don't despair. Another option might be to attach your HD to another computer - you'll need a 2.5" external drive enclosure, but you'll find one in CompUSA for about $20. Then you'll probably be able to find all your old files and get them across. Then you can reformat this disk and it should be as good as new.

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    Wcrocker Guest



    Not sure if this will help you or not, but if you can get to the screen (by pressing F8) there is an option to diable automatic boot following and error. This will at least stop the cycle and allow you to see the error message. From reading your posts though I'm not sure you can get there.

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    chaimberbell Guest


    ok, we tried the recovery cd option, however you had to install the CD before the system crashed for it to work (yea, i don't really read many manuals...I will now). We also tried installing normal XP over the tablet version hoping it would fix the system, but that got stuck on the last boot disk. *sigh* So this is me coming from my clean swept, refreshed tablet. Hey, it's good to start new every now and then. Eh, my printer wasn't working anyway on the old system *ahem, wipe tear*

    First thing I do, after email, will be to set up a backup routine. I was reading the backup thread and I think I'll get the onetouch 80gig external HD. That seems easy enough.


    lol, yea, I know...*tail between legs...*...first thing I should have done....

    That external HD idea would work if I hadn't cleared it already ^_^ oh well

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    AlexDaryan Guest



    The first thing I would suggest is to partition your harddrive.
    Then copy your My Documents and any data files to the D virtual drive.
    That way if you are forced to re-install the OS, your data should be safe.
    I have re-installed the OS at leat 5 times and never lost any data files.

    Good luck.

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    chaimberbell Guest


    The Acer 110 is set up in a two partition tango already ^_^ However I just got an 80gig external so I'm good now (it's cool, you just press the button and it backs up your files ^_^)

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