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C110 tablet functions
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Thread: C110 tablet functions

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    Default C110 tablet functions

    I have just acquired a C112Ti tablet pc and inserted a new HDD I finally got Windows XP Tablet Edition Sp2 installed but the Wacom driver wouldn't work. I upgraded to Vista Home Premium and now the driver is recognized and installed the Wacom Tablet driver and now it is seen in Device mananger and the input panel appears but I can't use my stylus. what am I missing?

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    Sorry I can't help out here. I just put in a new HDD into my C110 and had no problem installing XP Tablet SP2. I just used the disks that came with my Acer.

    However, I am interested to know where you got your C112.

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    Someone was in need of cash and sold it on craigslist. I tried the Acer cds and wouldn't restore it. Can you tell me the steps that you did to get yours working. I could get the driver to work for the Wacom. Did you have to create seperate partitions and do a recovery. In desperate need. Vista is ok but I want to use the tablet functions.

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    I literally changed out the physical drive, connected the Acer CD ROM with the CDs and turned on the computer. I then just followed the prompts.

    If you don't mine me asking, how much did you pay for the C112?

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